Cloth $49.95 ISBN: 9780842524735 Published December 2001

Middle Commentary on Aristotle’s De anima


Middle Commentary on Aristotle’s De anima
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Translated by Alfred L. Ivry
300 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2000
Cloth $49.95 ISBN: 9780842524735 Published December 2001
Averroës, the greatest Aristotelian of the Islamic philosophical tradition, composed some thirty-eight commentaries on the "First Teacher’s" corpus, including three separate treatments of De Anima ("On the Soul"): the works commonly referred to as the Short, Middle, and Long Commentaries. The Middle Commentary—actually Averroës’s last writing on the text-remains one of his most refined and politically discreet treatments of Aristotle, offering modern readers Averroës’s final statement on the material intellect and conjunction as well as an accessible historical window on Aristotle’s work as it was interpreted and transmitted in the medieval period.
Key to the Apparatus
Middle Commentary on Aristotles De anima
The First Discourse
[Commentary on De anima 1.1]
[Commentary on De anima 1.2]
[Commentary on De anima 1.3]
[Commentary on De anima 1.4]
[Commentary on De anima 1.5]
The Second Discourse
[Commentary on De anima 2.1]
[Commentary on De anima 2.2]
[Commentary on De anima 2.3]
The Chapter on the Nutritive Faculty: [Commentary on De anima 2.4]
The Chapter on Perception in General: [Commentary on De anima 2.5 6]
The Chapter on Sight: [Commentary on De anima 2.7]
The Chapter on Hearing: [Commentary on De anima 2.8]
The Chapter on the Sense of Smell: [Commentary on De anima 2.9]
The Chapter on Taste: [Commentary on De anima 2.10]
The Chapter on Touch: [Commentary on De anima 2.11 12]
The Third Discourse
[Commentary on De anima 3.1]
The Chapter on the Common Sense: [Commentary on De anima 3.2 3.3.428’]
The Chapter on Imagination: [Commentary on De anima 3.3.428a 429a9]
The Chapter on the Rational Faculty: [Commentary on De anima 3.4 8]
The Chapter on the Appetitive Faculty
[Commentary on De anima 3.9 11]
[A Final] Chapter [Commentary on De anima 3.12 13]
Index of Names and Texts
Index of Subjects
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