Cloth $89.95 ISBN: 9780842527804 Published February 2011

Medical Aphorisms

Treatises 10-15

Moses Maimonides

Medical Aphorisms

Moses Maimonides

Distributed for Brigham Young University

A parallel Arabic-English edition edited, translated, and annotated by Gerrit Bos
200 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2010
Cloth $89.95 ISBN: 9780842527804 Published February 2011

Moses Maimonides is among the most celebrated rabbis in the history of Judaism and the author of enduring works on philosophy, law, and medicine. Medical Aphorisms is the best known and most comprehensive of his works, and Gerrit Bos offers here a masterly English translation with detailed annotations.


Medical Aphorisms consists of approximately 1,500 maxims compiled by Maimonides from the treatises of Galen, the ancient Greek physician. Maimonides arranges the aphorisms into twenty-five treatises, organizing them by traditional medieval subspecialties such as gynecology, hygiene, and diet. The central subjects of the treatises presented in this volume include fevers, periods and crises of a disease, and surgery. Because the original texts that Maimonides drew from have not survived, these aphorisms provide tantalizing clues about aspects of Galen’s thought that are otherwise unknown. They thus serve as a window onto the ancient medical theories of Galen as well as on the medieval practice of Maimonides.


Sigla and Abbreviations



Translator’s Introduction

Kitāb al-fusūl fī al-tibb
(Medical Aphorisms)
The Tenth Treatise
The Eleventh Treatise
The Twelfth Treatise
The Thirteenth Treatise
The Fourteenth Treatise
The Fifteenth Treatise

Notes to the English Translation

    Translations and Editions of Works by or Attributed to Moses Maimonides
    Editions of Galenic Works
    General Bibliography
Index of Subjects
Addenda and Corrigenda to Medical Aphorisms Volumes 1 and 2

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