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Japanese/Korean Linguistics, Volume 9

Research on Japanese and Korean linguistics has been quite sparse. Yet from the research available, many linguists agree that Japanese and Korean are typologically quite similar, so a linguistic phenomenon in one often has a counterpart in the other. This similarity has encouraged further study of one language in the hopes of extrapolating the findings to the other language.

This volume contributes to the expansion of advanced linguistic studies in both Japanese and Korean by juxtaposing recent research performed on both languages. Through such methods as discourse analysis, contrastive linguistic analysis, and the cognitive approach, contributors discuss Japanese and Korean phonetic, syntactic, and semantic structural similarities. While some papers explore the historical roots of Japanese linguistics and its impact on present-day Japanese and Korean, others investigate the languages’ vowel and consonant systems. The diversity of topics presented is apparent in contributors’ discussion of the importance of syllable structure, difficulties in possession construction, acquisition of passive construction in Japanese, and the influence of sentence structure on the interpretation of Korean words. The selected works in this volume were presented at the Ninth Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference held at The Ohio State University in 1999.

416 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2001

Japanese/Korean Linguistics

Asian Studies: East Asia

Language and Linguistics: Phonology and Phonetics, Pragmatics and Sociolinguistics, Syntax and Semantics

Table of Contents

Toward Common Japanese-Koguryoic: A Reexamination of Old Koguryo Onomastic Materials
Christopher Beckwith
Rendaku and Proto-Japanese Accent Classes
J. Marshall Unger
Forgotten Voices: Early Recordings of the Kawakami Troupe
J. Paul Warnick
Laryngeal Effects of Stop Consonants on Neighboring Vowels in /CV/ Sequences in Korean
Hyunkee Ahn
Acquiring Mora-timing: The Case of the Japanese Coda Nasal
Katsura Aoyama
The Role of the Prosodic Word in an Ordering Paradox of Korean
Mi-Hui Cho & Shinsook Lee
Deriving Optionality in Korean Glide Formation
Young-Mee Yu Cho
More Acoustic Traces of Deleted Vowels in Japanese
Alice Faber & Timothy J. Vance
Nasalization Before a Liquid in Yonbyon Dialect of Korean
Hyunsook Kang & Seo-Hwa Hahn
Vowel Devoicing and Syllable Structure in Japanese
Mariko Kondo
The Role of Syllable Weight and Position on Prominence in Korean
Byung-Jin Lim
The Lexical Nature of Rendaku in Japanese
Kazutoshi Ohno
A New Approach to the Analysis of the Sentence Final Particles ne and yo: An Interface Between Prosody and Pragmatics
Sanae Eda
From Place to Space to Discourse: A Contrastive Linguistic Analysis of Japanese tokoru and Korean tey
Kaoru Horie & Yuko Sassa
A Discourse Analysis of the Realization of Object NP Forms in Korean
Eon-Suk Ko
Code-switching in Japanese/English: A Study of Japanese-American WWII Veterans
Tomoko Kozasa
A Cognitive Approach to Connective Particles -e and -ko: Conceptual Unity and Conceptual Separation in Korean Motion Verbs
Jeong-Hwa Lee
What does ssik in Korean Really Mean?
David McKercher & Yookyung Kim
Quantificational Elements and Polarity Licensing in Japanese
Shravan Vasishth
Resultatives and Language Variations: Result Phrases and VV Compounds
Nobuko Hasegawa
More on Two Ways of Deriving Distributive Readings
J.-R. Hayashishita
The Role of the Coordinators in Interpreting ANY in Korean
Youngjun Jang
Korean WH-phrases Void of Operator
Ae-ryung Kim
Causativity and Two Types of Noncausative Psych-verbs in Korean
Sang-geun Lee
The Acquisition of Japanese Passives
Utako Minai
Ni/ni yotte Variation in Japanese Direct Passives: A Syntactic, Pragmatic, and Historical Account
Kimi Miyagi
Some Evidence for a Zero Light Verb in Japanese
Yutaka Sato
Scrambling of Adjuncts and Last Resort
Koji Sugisaki
Inalienable Possession Construction with do
Takae Tsujioka

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