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Japanese/Korean Linguistics, Volume 24

Japanese and Korean are typologically similar, with linguistic phenomena in one often having counterparts in the other. The Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference provides a forum for research, particularly through comparative study, on both languages. The papers in this volume are from the twenty-fourth conference, which was held at the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics. They include essays on the phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, historical linguistics, discourse analysis, prosody, and psycholinguistics of both languages. Such comparative studies deepen our understanding of both languages and will be a useful reference for students and scholars in either field.

Japanese/Korean Linguistics

Language and Linguistics:

Table of Contents

Part I Functional Linguistics
Differential Degrees of Retention of Lexical Meaning in Japanese and Korean Functional Categories: A Typological and Constructional Approach
Kaoru Horie and Hyeryeon An
Dialectometric Approaches to Korean
Simon Barnes-Sadler
Information Structure of Japanese Ditransitive
Chikako Takahashi
Part II Morphology
An Applicative Approach to Affected Subject Transitives in Japanese
Takayuki Akimoto
On Verb-Stem Expansion in Japanese Korean
Hiroshi Aoyagi
Part III Semantics
The Scalar Dimension of Korean ku
Arum Kang
What “May” and “Must” May Be in Japanese
Magdalena Kaufmann
Case Alternation and Stacking on Non-Nomitave Subjects in Korean: A New Information Structural Approach
Eunhee Lee
On the Property of Mirativity in the Japanese Modal Demonstrative Ano
Osamu Sawada and Jun Sawada
Exhaustiveness in Japanese Compound Verbs: A Mereological Approach
Hideharu Tanaka
Part IV Syntax
The Acquisition of V-Stranding VP-Elipsis
Yoshiki Fujiwara
Surprising Instances of Forward Gapping in Korean
Wonsuk Jung
Constraints on Contrast Sluicing
Teruyuki Mizuno and Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine
Extraction out of Overt Anaphor kule(h) ‘so’ in Korean
Myung-Kwan Park and Ui-Jong Shin
The Verbal Noun mo construction in Japanese News Headlines
Yutaka Sato
Part V Psycholinguistics
Which Factor Primarily Modulates Cortical Activation During Sentence ProcessingL Case Marking, Thematic Role, or Grammatical Function?
Masatoshi Koizumi and Jungho Kim
Quantified Subject and Negation in Child Japanese Conditionals
Wataru Sugiura and Hiroyuki Shimada
Part VI Phonetics / Phonology
Compound Tensification in Seoul Korean
Seoyoung Kim
A Corpus-Based Study of Singletons and Geminates in Japanese: Segmental Properties and Contextual Factors
Shin-Ichiro Sano
Part VII Historical Linguistics / Sociolinguistics
Japanese-Northern Ryukyuan Language Contact and Structural Convergence: The Case of Embedded Interrogative Constructions
Gus van der Lubbe
Middle Chinese Loan Translations and Loan Derivations in Japanese
Matthew Zisk

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