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Distributed for University of British Columbia Press

Insiders and Outsiders

Alan Cairns and the Reshaping of Canadian Citizenship

Distributed for University of British Columbia Press

Insiders and Outsiders

Alan Cairns and the Reshaping of Canadian Citizenship

Insiders and Outsiders celebrates the work of Alan Cairns, one of the most influential Canadian social scientists of the contemporary period. Few scholars have helped shape so many key debates in such a wide range of topics in Canadian politics, from the electoral system and federalism, to constitutional and Charter politics, to questions of Aboriginal citizenship.

This volume contains engaging and critical analyses of Cairns’ contributions by a diverse group of scholars -- political scientists, legal scholars, historians, and policymakers, many of them leaders in their own fields. It includes assessments of his role as a public intellectual, his interpretation of Canada’s electoral system, his views on federalism and on Canadian unity, his approach to Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal relations, and his writings on citizenship and diversity. The book will be of particular interest to students and scholars of Canadian politics, history, and society, especially those examining ssues such as the Charter of Rights, Aboriginal politics, federalism, multiculturalism, political institutions, and political change. It should also be of interest to a larger public that follows the Canadian political scene, and that shares Cairns’ concerns with broad questions of citizenship, diversity, and national unity.

378 pages

Table of Contents


1 Introduction / Gerald Kernerman and Philip Resnick

Part 1: Methods and Approaches

2 Alan Cairns: Public Intellectual / John Meisel

3 The Political Scientist as Hedgefox: Key Themes in Cairns’ Approach to Institutions / Leslie A. Pal

Part 2: Citizen-Shaping Institutions

The Electoral System

4 Early Warning, No Response: Alan Cairns and Electoral Reform / Roger Gibbins

5 The Electoral System and the Party System Revisited / Richard Johnston

The Institutions of Canadian Federalism

6 The Legacy of the Privy Council in Canadian Federalism / Peter W. Hogg

7 Unnatural Loyalties or Naïve Collaborationists? The Governments and Citizens of Canadian Federalism / Fred Cutler and Matthew Mendelsohn

8 Institutions, Citizenship, and Federalism: Contrasting Models of Redistribution in the Twenty-First Century / Robert G. Finbow

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

9 Some Implications of the Embedded State in Canada / Barry Cooper

10 Morton and Knopff’s The Charter Revolution and the Court Party: A Legal Critique / Robin Elliot

11 The Politics of Honourable Constitutional Inclusion and the Citizens’ Constitution Theory / Matt James

12 Charters and Constitution Making: Comparing the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the European Charter of Fundamental Rights / John E. Fossum

Part 3: Citizenship, Diversity, and Unity Quebec and Canadian Unity

13 The Anatomy of Cairns’ Constitutional Criticism: French Canadians, Quebec, and the Canadian Constitution / Ramsay Cook

14 Alan C. Cairns on Canadians’ Right to Their Country / Stéphane Dion

15 Plan C? Alan Cairns and English C

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