Glorious Work in the World

Welsh Methodism and the International Evangelical Revival, 1735-1750

David Ceri Jones

Glorious Work in the World

David Ceri Jones

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David Ceri Jones’s landmark study situates the Welsh Methodist Revival within the context of the international evangelical community that thrived, particularly between 1735 and 1750, and that spanned many parts of Europe and the American colonies. The Welsh revival was one constituent element of this much wider pan-Protestant awakening. This survey focuses on the relationship of the Welsh revival with its various sister awakenings in England, Scotland, Ireland, parts of France, Germany and the American colonies. Analysing the means by which Methodists in Wales communicated with their fellow evangelicals, it traces some of the ways in which the Welsh Methodists contributed to the wider evangelical enterprise and argues that the Methodist Revival actually represents the birth of Evangelicalism in Wales.

‘A Glorious Work in the World’: Welsh Methodism and the International Evangelical Revival, 1735-1750 will be essential reading for anyone interested in the history of Methodism and the Evangelical Revival, as well as those interested in the broader questions of literacy, popular religion, national identity and the eighteenth-century British Atlantic world more generally.


Editors’ Foreword




I. ‘The Pouring out of the Spirit of God’: An international evangelical awakening

II. Promoting the ‘Communion of Saints upon Earth’

III. ‘Our days are reforming days’: Establishing the international revival

IV. Dividing times: Concentrating on the ‘shadows of religion’

V. Settling times: Putting the ‘living stones’ together

VI. ‘Transcripts of my heart’: Welsh Methodists and popular piety

VII. ‘The Redeemer’s Kingdom abroad’: Welsh Methodists and the wider world

Conclusion: The significance of 1750


1. Howel Harris’s visits to the English revival, 1739-50

2. Female participants in the letter-writing network, 1738-50

3. Female contributors to the religious magazines, 1740-8

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Review Quotes
The Banner of Truth

“The book contains a wealth of information and valuable insights.” –The Banner of Truth


“. . . this magnificent volume . . . amply demonstrates the vigour and confidence of Welsh history in its maturity.” –Planet

United Reformed Church History Society Journal

“We have waited almost forty years for a scholar of the Welsh Methodist movement to flesh out such a picture for us. Dr Jones has mastered both the complexities of the sources and the historiography to present us with a revised picture of the critical fifteen years . . .” –United Reformed Church History Society Journal

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