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From Artemis to Diana

The Goddess of Man and Beast

The Greek goddess Artemis and her Roman equivalent Diana constitute a multifaceted divinity. In Greek mythology she is the twin sister of Apollo and the virgin goddess who lives in the hills and the forests. She is potnia theron, the mistress of the animals, but she is also the goddess of child birth and fertility. This volume contains a wide range of approaches to Artemis written by classical archaeologists, philologists and historians. Chronologically the topics range from the first mentioning of the goddess in the pre-historic sources, Homer and the Greek tragedies to Late Antiquity and the post-antique perception of the goddess. Several of the articles concentrate on regional aspects; others treat the iconography of the goddess as well as the role of her cult and the rituals in the sanctuaries both in the East and the West. Collectively, the contributions offer one of the most comprehensive studies to date of the goddess.

585 pages | 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 | © 2009

Acta Hyperborea


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Table of Contents


I. Artemis in the Near East and in Greece
Approaches to Artemis in Bronze Age Greece
      Marie Louise Nosch
Near Eastern Equivalents to Artemis
     Bodil Hjerrild
Artemis in Homer
      Minna Skafte Jensen
Artemis in Athens
      Jørgen Mejer
A Note on a Dedication to Artemis in Kalydon
      Jørgen Mejer
The Sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia. Can Architecture and Iconography Help to Locate the Settings of the Rituals?
      Inge Nielsen
Boys at Brauron
      Birte Lundgreen
Das Artemis Orthia-Heiligtum in Sparta im 7. und 6. Jh.v.Chr
      Ditte Zink Kaasgaard Falb
Artemis Ortheia—a Goddess of Nature or a Goddess of Culture?
      Synnøve des Bouvrie
II. Artemis—Regional Aspects
Artemis in Cyprus
      Lone Wriedt Sørensen
Artemis in Sicily and South Italy: A Picture of Diversity
      Tobias Fischer-Hansen
Artumes in Etruria—the Borrowed Goddess
      Marjatta Nielsen and Annette Rathje
Quantifying Black Sea Artemis: Some Methodological Reflections
      Pia Guldager Bilde
Bears and Bees in Themiscyra: A Sanctuary for Artemis in the Land of the Amazons?
      Luis Ballesteros-Pastor
III. Artemis/Diana during the Late Republic, Imperial Period and Late Antiquity
Diana and her Followers in a Late Republican Temple Pediment from Nemi. A Preliminary Note
      Mette Moltesen
Sanctuaries of Artemis and the Domitii Ahenobarbi
      Jesper Carlsen
The Sanctuary of Artemis in Gerasa
      Rubina Raja
The Sanctuaries of the Goddess of the Hunt
      Birte Poulsen
The Last Diana
      Niels Hannestad
IV. The Post-Antique Artemis
Diana Efesia Multimammia: The Metamorphoses of a Pagan Goddess from the Renaissance to the Age of Neo-Classicism
      Marjatta Nielsen
Offering Trenches and Funerary Ceremonies in the Attic Countryside
      Alexandra-Fani Alexandridou
Current Danish Archaeological Fieldwork: A gazetteer of Danish Classical Archaeological Fieldwork 2002–2006 with contributions by  S. Dietz; B. Loven, D. Davis, M. Møller Nielsen and M. Schaldemose; P. Pedersen; P. Guldager Bilde; S. Handberg, J. Kinderg Jacobsen and G. P. Mittica
Book Reviews
Review of Peter Attema (ed), Centralization, Early Urbanization and Colonization in First Millennium BC Italy and Greece. Part 1: Italy (BABesch Suppl. 9). Leuven-Paris-Dudley 2004
      Kim B. Jessen
Review of S. L. Solovyov, Ancient Berezan. The Architecture, History and Culture of the First Greek Colony in the Northern Black Sea. Brill 1999
      Stine Schierup

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