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Earthenware in Southeast Asia

Earthenware is the most important material in Southeast Asian archaeology, yet there has been little published work aimed at understanding and dating earthenware artifacts and materials on a regional basis. A framework for understanding earthenware would help enormously in creating a more nuanced image of the cultural history of pre- and early historic Southeast Asia.

This volume draws together essays from Southeast Asia's top archaeologists, and includes contributions from every country in the region. In addition to providing a baseline of information on what is known of earthenware across the region, strong analytical work here yields new understandings: of the origins of the prehistoric tripod vessels of the Malayan Peninsula, and the role of earthenware from a kiln site in southern Thailand in the regional trade of the 11th to 14th centuries, among other subjects.

Though we are still some way from being able to write a textbook on the earthenware of Southeast Asia, this volume is an important step towards such a synthesis. It is fully illustrated with diagrams, photographs, illustrations and maps.

370 pages | 8 1/2 x 12

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Table of Contents

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1. Southeast Asian Earthenware Pottery and Its Spread
                Wilhelm G. Solheim II
2. History of the Study of Southeast Asian Earthenware
                Wilhelm G. Solheim II
3. Philippine Earthenware Pottery from the Early Prehistoric Period
                Wilfredo Ronquillo
4. Styles of Allience?: Decorated Earthenware in Late Prehistoric and Protohistoric Philippine Polities
                Elisabeth A. Bacus
5. Anthropomorphic Pottery Ayub Cave, Pinol, Maitum, Saranggani Province, Mindanao
                Eusebio Z. Dizon
6. Prehistoric Earthenwares of Indonesia
                Santoso Soegondho
7. Macassar Historical Decorated Earthenwares: Preliminary Chronology and Bajau Connections
                David Bulbeck and Genevieve Clune
8. Roasted Dirt: Assessing Earthenware Assemblages from Sites in Central Maluku Indonesia
                D. Kyle Latinis and Ken Stark
9. Forgotten Small Things: Early Historic Earthenware of Java (7th to 10th Centuries)
                Mundardjito, Ingrid H.E. Pojoh and Wiwin Djuwita Ramelan
10. The Terracotta Art of Majapahit
                Hilda Soemantri
11. Historic Period Earthenware from the Island of Sumatra
                E. Edwards McKinnon
12. Tripod Pottery in Mainland Southeast Asia
                Leong Sau Heng
13. Prehistoric Pottery Production and Technology at Bukit Tengkorak, Sabah, Malaysia\
                Stephen Chia
14. Protohistoric Earthenwares from Kuala Selinsing, Perak
                Nik Hassan Shuhaimi Nik Abd. Rahman and Asyaari bin Muhamad
15. The Chronology, Technology and Contexts of Earthenware Ceramics in Cambodia
                Miriam T. Stark
16. Earthenware in Prehistoric Thailand
                Brian Vincent
17. Earthenware from Archaeological Sites in Southern Thailand: The First Century BC to the Twelfth Century AD
                Amara Srisuchat
18. The Late Prehistoric to Early Historic Earthenware of Central Vietnam
                Ruth Prior and Ian C. Glover
19. Myanmar Historic Earthenware
                Myo Thant Tyn and U Thaw Kaung
20. A Preliminary Cultural Geography for Contemporary Village-based Earthenware Production in Mainland Southeast Asia
                Leedom Lefferts and Louise Allison Cort
21. A Comparison of Ground Firing Techniques in Contemporary Myanmar Villages
                Charlotte Reith
22. Potters and Pottery of the Assam Region
                Dilip K. Medhi

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