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Contested Views of a Common Past

Revisions of History in Contemporary East Asia

In contemporary East Asia, rapid social and political changes have led to multiple shifts in historical perspective. Recent history, marked by the experience of colonialism and wars, has become an object of intense debate both within and among Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan. Contested Views of a Common Past brings together renowned scholars to analyze historical revisionism in politics, historiography, education, and the media. Drawing on a number of theoretical, cross-national, and comparative perspectives, these essays demonstrate how and why historical events have been reevaluated in specific social, political, and cultural contexts. History is thus revealed not only as a source and expression of various nationalisms, but also as a starting point for trans-national understanding and reconciliation.

350 pages | 5 1/2 x 8 3/8

History: General History

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
Yonson Ahn (University of Leipzig)
II. Contexts of Historical Revisionism
Daqing Yang (George Washington University, USA ) Historical Revisionism in East Asia: What Does Politics Have to Do with It?
Steffi Richter (University of Leipzig) Historical Revisionism in Contemporary Japan
Koen de Ceuster(University of Leiden) When History Matters: Reconstructing South Korea’s National Memory in the Age of Democracy
Prasenjit Duara (University of Chicago, USA) Historical Narratives and Transnationalism in East Asia
III. Academic Historiography
Lei Yi (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China) A Review of the Late Qing Dynasty Research: On the ’Basic Approach’ of Modern Chinese History
Chang Lung-chih (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) Re-imagining Community from Different Shores: Nationalism, Post-colonialism, and the Debates on Colonial Modernity in Contemporary Taiwanese Historiography
Yonson Ahn (University of Leipzig/Korea) The Colonial Past in Post-colonial South Korea: Colonialism, Modernity and Gender
Eun-Jeung Lee (University of Halle-Wittenberg/Seoul) East Asia Discourses in Contemporary Korea
IV. History Textbooks
Lim Jie-Hyun (Hanyang University, Seoul) Antagonistic Complicity of Nationalisms: On the Nationalist Phenomenology in East Asian History Textbooks
Claudia Schneider (University of Leipzig) National Fortresses Besieged: History Textbooks in Contemporary China, Taiwan, and Japan
Alisa Jones (University of Leeds, UK) Revising the Past, Contesting the Future: Reforming History Education in post-Mao China
Narita Ryu-ichi (Japan Women’s University, Japan) and Iwasaki Minoru (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan) Writing History Textbooks in East Asia
V. Popular Culture
Jaqueline Berndt (Yokohama National University, Japan) Historical Adventures of a Post-historical Medium: Japan’s Wartime Past as Represented in Manga
Yamanaka Chie (Osaka University; Japan) Manga, Manhwa and Historical Consciousness - Transnational Popular Media and the Narrative Deconstruction of Japanese-Korean History
Li Fan (Beijing Normal University, China) Reinterpreting Late Qing History in Historical Movies and TV Dramas: The Case of the 1898 Reform
Matthias Niedenführ (University of Erlangen) Historical Revisions and Reconstructions in History Soaps in China and Japan
VI. Conclusion: Thinking about / On Possibilities of Mutual Understanding
Wolfgang Höpken (University of Leipzig) History Textbooks in Post-war and Post-conflict Societies: Preconditions and Experiences in a Comparative Perspective
Tessa Morris-Suzuki (Australian National University, Australia) Lost Memories: Historical Reconciliation and Cross-Border Narratives in
Northeast Asia

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