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Distributed for Karolinum Press, Charles University

Basic Czech II

Third Revised and Updated Edition

3rd Edition

Basic Czech I, II, and III form a complete textbook for a course for English-language speakers who want to learn Czech. Basic Czech II is structured similarly, but it moves students from beginning to intermediate work, gradually delving into more complicated issues of grammar and usage. It includes a compact disc that features audio exercises built around texts and dialogues that the student will have learned in the first volume.

252 pages | 1 compact disc | 6 x 9 | © 2014

Language and Linguistics: Language Studies

Table of Contents

Lesson 7
Hanna and Juan in Prague
More modal verbs
The vocative case
Juan, why are you so lazy?
What time is it?
Past tense—reflexive verbs
Personal pronouns in the accusative
I’m pleased, I’m interested in
Possessive pronouns in the accusative
What and whom do you like/don’t you like?
Indefinite and negative pronouns and adverbs
Lesson 8
Did she go to the cinema or…?
Past tense—the irregular participle
Verbs of motion
Ways of saying “to go”
The genitive singular
When do we use the genitive case?
Personal pronouns in the genitive case
Dates and months
Shopping—the partitive genitive
What’s new?
There’s nothing new
Lesson 9
Not enough time or money, lots of work and problems
The genitive plural
When do we use the genitive plural?
More about the genitive plural
Imperfective and perfective verbs
Sending text messages
Who is who?
Habit is a second nature
Is it the right flat…?
How to express quantity
Lesson 10
Where were Juan and Hanna after all?
The locative singular
When do we use the locative case?
Personal pronouns in the locative
Points of the compass
Seasons and weather
What’s the weather like?
The instrumental singular
When do we use the instrumental case?
Personal pronouns in the instrumental
With the travel agency or on your own?
We’re off at last!
What goes there? How shall we get there?
Lesson 11
Honza’s family
The nominative plural ma.
My family and relatives
The nominative and accusative plural
Every man and all the people
What? Everything or nothing!
The one who…, a man that…
Prepositions of place
Time prepositions
Boyfriend and girlfriend
Hobbies and interests
A few words about spoken Czech
Lesson 12
I don’t feel well! What’s wrong?
The dative singular
When do we use the dative case?
Personal pronouns in the dative
Reflexive pronouns
Parts of the body
What’s wrong?
How our heroes look like?
What are we like?
The imperative
Lesson 13
To stay or not to stay?
The conditional
When do we use the conditional?
If I had…
When/if I have
It’s high time to decide!
Comparison of adjectives
Comparison of adverbs
Better late than never
There’s no place like home! Or…
Applying to extend one’s studies
The conjunction aby
You get what you ask for
See you soon!
Nouns, endings, declensions
Declension of the nouns, adjectives and pronouns
Present tense—types
Verbal phrases
Consonant and vowel changes
A few data about Czech Republic
State holidays
Key to the exercises

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