Beyond Potentialities?

Politics between the Possible and the Impossible

Edited by Mark Potocnik, Frank Ruda, and Jan Völker

Beyond Potentialities?

Edited by Mark Potocnik, Frank Ruda, and Jan Völker

Distributed for Diaphanes

216 pages | 5 1/4 x 8 1/4 | © 2011
Paper $30.00 ISBN: 9783037341520 Published March 2011 N/F/S Belgium, France & Luxembourg

Mark Potocnik, Frank Ruda, Jan Völker: Introduction


Alain Badiou: Politics: A Non-Expressive Dialectics

Lorenzo Chiesa: Notes Towards a Manifesto for Metacritical Realism

Frank Ruda: Back to the Factory. A Plea for a Renewal of Concrete Analysis of Concrete Situations

Jelica Šumic: Another World is Possible. or the Task of Philosophy in Worldless Times

Bruno Bosteels: Logics of Change. From Potentiality to Inexistence

Jan Völker: Proletarian Ideology. Or How to Turn Politics Against Aesthetics

Felix Ensslin: Potentiality in Agamben

Friedrich Balke: Endless Expropriations of the Body. On the Relation between Politics and Potentialities in the Story of Lucretia

Mark Potocnik: People/Population. The Problem of Site in Foucault

Jason E. Smith: Strategy and the Passions. Guy Debord’s Ruses

Peter Hallward: The Will of the People. Notes Towards a Dialectical Voluntarism


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