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The Youth Labor Market Problem

Its Nature, Causes, and Consequences

This volume brings together a massive body of much-needed research information on a problem of crucial importance to labor economists, policy makers, and society in general: unemployment among the young. The thirteen studies detail the ambiguity and inadequacy of our present standard statistics as applied to youth employment, point out the error in many commonly accepted views, and show that many critically important aspects of this problem are not adequately understood. These studies also supply a significant amount of raw data, furnish a platform for further research and theoretical work in labor economics, and direct attention to promising avenues for future programs.

566 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1982

National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report

Economics and Business: Business--Industry and Labor

Table of Contents

1. The Youth Labor Market Problem: Its Nature, Causes, and Consequences
Richard B. Freeman and David A. Wise
2. Teenage Unemployment: What Is the Problem?
Martin Feldstein and David T. Ellwood
3. The Youth Labor Market Problem in the United States: An Overview
Richard B. Freeman and James L. Medoff
4. Why Does the Rate of Youth Labor Force Activity Differ across Surveys?
Richard B. Freeman and James L. Medoff
Comment: Paul O. Flaim
Comment: Stephen M. Hills
5. Economic Determinants of Geographic and Individual Variation in the Labor Market Position of Young Persons
Richard B. Freeman
Comment: T. Aldrich Finegan
6. Time Series Changes in Youth Joblessness
Michael Wachter and Choongsoo Kim
Comment: Edward Kalachek
Comment: Robert J. Gordon
7. The Dynamics of Youth Unemployment
Kim B. Clark and Lawrence H. Summers
Comment: George L. Perry
Comment: Robert I. Lerman
8. Labor Turnover and Youth Unemployment
Linda Leighton and Jacob Mincer
Comment: Alan L. Gustman
Comment: W. Kip Viscusi
9. High School Preparation and Early Labor Force Experience
Robert H. Meyer and David A. Wise
Comment: Frank Levy
Comment: Gary Chamberlain
10. Teenage Unemployment: Permanent Scars or Temporary Blemishes?
David T. Ellwood
Comment: Robert J. Willis
Comment: Burt S. Barnow
11. The Employment and Wage Consequences of Teenage Women’s Nonemployment
Mary Corcoran
Comment: Soloman William Polachek
Comment: Isabel V. Sawhill
12. Dead-end Jobs and Youth Unemployment
Charles Brown
Comment: Paul Osterman
Comment: Ronald G. Ehrenberg
13. Family Effects in Youth Employment
Albert Rees and Wayne Gray
Comment: Christopher Winship
Comment: George Farkas and Ernst W. Stromsdorfer
14. The Minimum Wage and Job Turnover in Markets for Young Workers
Robert E. Hall
Comment: Christopher A. Sims
Comment: Martin Neil Baily
15. Youth Unemployment in Britain and the United States Compared
Richard Layard
Comment: Daniel S. Hamermesh
Comment: Beatrice G. Reubens
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