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Things Maps Don’t Tell Us

An Adventure into Map Interpretation

"The book is a treasure trove of tidbits describing how the world around us came about. . . . Things Maps Don’t Tell Us actually communicates a great deal about the things maps can tell us if we care to look carefully underneath the printed symbols."—James E. Young, Cartographic Perspectives

174 pages | line drawings throughout | 7-1/2 x 10-1/2 | © 1956, 1993

Geography: Cartography

Table of Contents

Foreword to the 1993 Edition
I. Coast Lines
1. Distorted Coast Lines
A Map of the World of 1589
2. Projections and Protuberances
Gulf of Mexico
3. Peninsulas
The Peninsula of Denmark
4. Peninsulas
The Peninsula of Florida
5. Peninsulas
The Peninsula of Korea
6. Peninsulas
The Peninsula of Tunisia, Africa
7. Peninsulas
The Taranaki and Banks Peninsulas, New Zealand
8. Peninsulas
The Peninsula of Cornwall, England
9. Peninsulas
Saugeen Peninsula and Door Peninsula, Great Lakes Region
10. Peninsulas
Keweenaw Point, Lake Superior
11. Two Similar Peninsulas
Bayonne Peninsula in New York Harbor; Digby Neck, Nova Scotia
12. Peninsula
Croton Point, Hudson River
13. Some Coastal Irregularities
The Hudson River Shore Line
14. Promontories and Points
Flamborough Head, England
15. Promontories and Points
Spurn Head, England; The Skaw, Denmark; Hel Peninsula, Poland
16. Promontories and Points. Hooked Points
Cape Cod; Monomoy Point; Sandy Hook; Rockaway Point
17. Promontories
Bill of Portland, England; Monte Argentario, Italy
18. Simple, Regular Coasts
Argentina; Hudson Bay; Israel; Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia
19. Coast Lines with Barrier Islands
Texas and Florida
20. Coast Lines with Interrupted Barrier Islands
Long Island; New Jersey; Delaware-Maryland-Virginia Peninsula
21. Embayed or Estuarine Coasts
The Chesapeake Bay Region: the Northwest Coast of Spain
22. Fiord Coasts
Norway, Alaska, Chile, New Zealand
23. Straits
The Narrows, New York Harbor
24. Straits
The Straits of Dover
II. Islands
25. Linear Islands and Peninsulas
The Maine Coast; Southwest Ireland; the Dalmatian Coast
26. Linear Islands
Anticosti in the Gulf of St. Lawrence; Öoland and Gotland in the Baltic Sea
27. Linear Islands
Long Island, New York
28. Arcuate Islands
Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket
29. Elliptical Islands
The Islands of Boston Bay
30. Rectangular and Straight-Sided Islands
Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti; Corsica and Sardinia; Madagascar
31. Zigzag Islands
The Dalmatian Islands in the Adriatic Sea; Belcher Islands in Hudson Bay
32. Island Chains or Island Arcs
The Aleutians and Other Island Arcs of the Pacific
33. Islands. A Double Chain
The Lesser Antilles
34. Oceanic Islands
Atolls of the Pacific Ocean
35. Oceanic Islands
The Hawaiian Islands
36. Isolated Islands
Sable Island off Nova Scotia

III. Rivers
General Remarks
37. River Embayments
The Delaware (Delaware Bay); the Susquehanna (Chesapeake Bay), and the Potomac
38. River Locations
The Missouri and the Ohio
39. River Locations
Piedmont Rivers. The San Joaquin, the Po, and the Danube Rivers
40. River Patterns. Parallel Rivers
The Rivers of Northern France
41. River Patterns. Parallel Rivers
Rivers of the Atlantic Seaboard; Some Rivers of Nebraska
42. River Patterns. More Parallel Rivers
Yazoo Type. The Yazoo and Mississippi Rivers
43. River Patterns. Trellis Rivers
44. River Patterns. Rectangular Rivers
The Adirondack Mountains
45. River Patterns. Radial Rivers
Mount Rainier
46. River Patterns. More Radial Rivers
Southern France
47. River Patterns. Centripetal (Center-Flowing) Streams
Northern France
48. River Patterns. Ring-Like or Annular Rivers
South Dakota
49. River Patterns. Irregularity Branching or Dendritic Streams
Western Pennsylvania
50. Interrupted or "Lost" Rivers
Southern Indiana; Yugoslavia
51. More Interrupted Rivers
Nevada; Mexico; Persia; Australia
52. Water Gaps
Delaware Gap; Susquehanna Water Gaps
53. Water Gaps and Wind Gaps
The Blue Ridge, Virginia
54. More Water Gaps
Columbia River Dalles Across the Cascade Mountains; Sevier River Gap, Utah
55. River Sources. Hot Springs and Geysers
Yellowstone Park; North Island, New Zealand
56. Underground Rivers and Caves
The Cave Belt of Virginia and Pennsylvania
57. Waterfalls
The Great Falls of the Potomac at Washington; the Schuylkill Falls at Philadelphia; the Fall Line
58. Waterfalls
Yosemite Falls, and Other Falls of the Yosemite Valley
59. Waterfalls
Some Falls and Mill Cities of the Northeastern States
IV. Lakes
60. Rectangular Lakes
Lake Placid, New York; Baskatong Lake, Canada; Manda Lake, Tanganyika, Africa
61. Lake Regions of the World
Northern North America and Europe, Represented by Ontario, Canada
62. Some Finger-Lake and Related Fiord Regions of the World
Northern Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, and Chile
63. Lake Swarms. Some High Mountain Lakes
Glacier Park
64. Lake Swarms. Some Dry-Region Lakes
Lakes of Western Nebraska
65. Lake Swarms
Lakes of Florida; Lakes of China
66. Lake Belts
Minnesota, Finland, Germany
67. Unusual Lakes
The Salton Sea, California
68. Shallow Lakes and Swamps
Four Great Swamplands of Africa. The Timbuktu Region; Lake Chad Region; the Sudd of the Nile, and the Okavango Swamp
69. Some Volcanic-Region Lakes
The Lakes of Mexico; the Lakes of Armenia
70. Some Very Deep Lakes
Tanganyika, Nyasa, Baikal, the Dead Sea
71. Some Straight-Sided Lakes
The Lakes of Southern Sweden

V. Cities
72. Circular Cities
The City Plans of Paris
More Unanswered Problems

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