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Tropical Forest Remnants

Ecology, Management, and Conservation of Fragmented Communities

We live in an increasingly fragmented world, with islands of natural habitat cast adrift in a sea of cleared, burned, logged, polluted, and otherwise altered lands. Nowhere are fragmentation and its devastating effects more evident than in the tropical forests. By the year 2000, more than half of these forests will have been cut, causing increased soil erosion, watershed destabilization, climate degradation, and extinction of as many as 600,000 species.

Tropical Forest Remnants provides the best information available to help us
understand, manage, and conserve the remaining fragments. Covering geographic areas from Southeast Asia and Australia to Madagascar and the New World, this volume summarizes what is known about the ecology, management, restoration, socioeconomics, and conservation of fragmented forests. Thirty-three papers present results of recent research as
well as updates from decades-long projects in progress. Two final chapters synthesize the state of research on tropical forest fragmentation and identify key priorities for future work.

Chapter Abstracts. Resumos dos Capi tulos (abstracts in Portuguese).Resu menes (abstracts in Spanish)

632 pages | 4 color plates, 12 halftones, 33 maps, 93 line drawings, 85 tables | 7 x 10 | © 1997

Biological Sciences: Botany, Conservation, Ecology, Tropical Biology and Conservation

Earth Sciences: Environment

Table of Contents

Thomas E. Lovejoy
Preface: A Crisis in the Making
William F. Laurence, Richard O. Bierregaard, Jr.
Sect. I: The Scale and Economics of Tropical Deforestation
1: Tropical Forest Disturbance, Disappearance, and Species Loss
T. C. Whitmore
2: The Role of Economic Factors in Tropical Deforestation
James R. Kahn, Judith A. McDonald.
Sect. II: Physical Processes and Edge Effects
3: Edge-Related Changes in Environment and Plant Responses Due to Forest Fragmentation in Central Amazonia
Valerie Kapos, Elisa Wandelli, Jose Luis Camargo et al.
4: Edge and Aspect Effects on the Microclimate of a Small Tropical Forest Remnant on the Atherton Tableland, Northeastern Australia
Stephen M. Turton, Heidi Jo Freiburger.
5: The Influence of Edge Effects and Forest Fragmentation of Leaf Litter Invertebrates in Central Amazonia
Raphael K. Didham
6: Hyper-Disturbed Parks: Edge Effects and the Ecology of Isolated Rainforest Reserved in Tropical Australia
William F. Laurance
Sect. III: Tropical Forest Faunas
7: Disturbance, Fragmentation, and the Dynamics of Diversity in Amazonian Forest Butterflies
Keith S. Brown, Jr., Roger W. Hutchings.
8: Phenetic Variation in Insular Populations of a Rainforest Centipede
John F. Weishampel, Herman H. Shugart, Walter E. Westman.
9: Fragmentation Effects on a Central Amazonian Frog Community: A Ten-Year Study
Mandy D. Tocher, Claude Gascon, Barbara L. Zimmerman.
10: Understory Birds and Dynamic Habitat Mosaics in Amazonian Rainforests
Richard O. Bierregaard, Jr., Philip C. Stouffer.
11: Avian Extinction and Persistance Mechanisms in Lowland Panama
Kathryn E. Sieving, James R. Karr.
12: Frugivorous Birds in Fragmented Neotropical Montane Forests: Landscape Pattern and Body Mass Distribution
Carla Restrep, Luis Miguel Renjifo, Paul Marples.
13: Structure and Conservation of Forest Avifauna in Isolated Rainforest Remnants in Tropical Australia
Neil H. Warburton
14: Biomass and Diversity of Small Mammals in Amazonian Forest Fragments
Jay R. Malcolm
15: Rapid Decline of Small Mammal Diversity in Monsoon Evergreen Forest Fragments in Thailand
Antony J. Lynam
16: Internal Fragmentation: The Effects of Roads, Highways, and Powerline Clearings on Movements and Mortality of Rainforest Vertebrates
Miriam Goosem
17: Transitory States in Relaxing Ecosystems of Land Bridge Islands
John Terborgh, Lawrence Lopez, Jose Tello et al.
Sect. IV: Plants and Plant - Animal Interactions
18: Tropical Four Disruption and Stochastic Biodiversity Losses
Mark Andersen, Alan Thornhill, Harold Koopowitz.
19: Regeneration of Large-Seeded Trees in Australian Rainforest Fragments: A Study of Higher-Order Interactions
Graham N. Harrington, Anthony K. Irvine, Francis H. J. Crome et al.
20: Dispersal and the Dynamics of Genetic Structure in Fragmented Tropical Tree Populations
John D. Nason, Preston R. Aldrich, J. L. Hamrick.
21: Plant Dispersal in Fragmented Landscapes: A Field Study of Woody Colonization in Rainforest Remnants of the Mascarene Archipelago
Christophe Thebaud, Dominique Strasberg.
22: Long-Term Survival in Tropical Forest Remnants in Singapore and Hong Kong
Richard T. Corlett, I. M. Turner.
Sect. V: Restoration and Management of Fragmented Landscapes
23: Dynamics and Restoration of Forest Fragments in the Brazilian Atlantic Moist Forest
Virgilio M. Viana, Andre A. J. Tabanez, Joao Luis F. Batista.
24: Rejoining Habitat Remnants: Restoring Degraded Rainforest Lands
David Lamb, John Parrotta, Rod Keenan et al.
25: Measuring Landscape Changes in Remnant Tropical Dry Forests
Elizabeth A. Kramer
26: Quantifying Habitat Fragmentation Due to Land Use Change in Amazonia
Virginia H. Dale, Scott M. Pear

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