Paper $21.00 ISBN: 9780226378879 Published March 2016
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Selected Poems of Luis de Góngora

A Bilingual Edition

Luis de Góngora

Selected Poems of Luis de Góngora

Luis de Góngora

Edited and Translated by John Dent-Young
290 pages | 4 halftones, 1 map | 6 x 9 | © 2007
Paper $21.00 ISBN: 9780226378879 Published March 2016
E-book $10.00 to $20.99 About E-books ISBN: 9780226140629 Published September 2008

Making Luis de Góngora’s work available to contemporary English-language readers without denying his historical context, Selected Poems of Luis de Góngora presents him as not only one of the greatest and most complex poets of his time, but also the funniest and most charismatic. From longer works, such as “The Fable of Polyphemus and Galatea,” to shorter ballads, songs, and sonnets, John Dent-Young’s free translations capture Góngora’s intensely musical voice and transmit the individuality and self-assuredness of the poet. Substantial introductions and extensive notes provide personal and historical context, explain the ubiquitous puns and erotic innuendo, and discuss translation choices. A significant edition of this seminal and challenging poet, Selected Poems of Luis de Góngora will find an eager audience among students of poetry and scholars studying the history and literature of Spain.


I  Shorter poems: ballads, sonnets and letrillas

II  Soledad I   c.1612          First Solitude

III  The Fable of Polyphemus and Galatea c.1612

IV  Pyramus and Thisbe  1618
Commentary and notes 
Index of Titles and First Lines
Review Quotes
David Orr | New York Times Book Review
“Góngora is one of the most significant figures in Spanish early modern literature.”
International Poetry Review
“[This] translation will be a good introduction to English-speaking readers interested in one of the Baroque’s greatest poets. The selection gives such readers a good idea of Góngora’s range, and the translations are readable while still reflecting the poet’s style.”
"Góngora is the Spanish baroque poet par excellence. His works reach dazzling rhetorical and linguistic heights.
Góngora captured what he saw and perceived and then added verbal flourishes that make the world the micocosm and the word the macrocosm....Gifted and daring, Dent-Young attempts to produce translations that could stand on their own and that give Góngora ’a human voice.’"—Choice 
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