Cloth $12.00 ISBN: 9780226682969 Will Publish March 2020 USA DEPEND PHILLIPPINES
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The Pocket Stoic

John Sellars

The Pocket Stoic

John Sellars

64 pages | 4 1/2 x 6 | © 2020
Cloth $12.00 ISBN: 9780226682969 Will Publish March 2020 USA DEPEND PHILLIPPINES
E-book $12.00 ISBN: 9780226683010 Will Publish March 2020

1. The Philosopher as Doctor
2. What Do You Control?
3. The Problem with Emotions
4. Dealing with Adversity
5. Our Place in Nature
6. Life and Death
7. How We Live Together


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Review Quotes
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"Sellars’s book is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in experimenting with this approach to life."
A. A. Long, author of Epictetus: How to be Free
"Expertly and vividly Sellars presents lessons in Stoicism that are strikingly relevant to modern life. From the great Roman Stoic authors, he distills teaching on managing emotions, dealing with adversity, facing death, and making the best use of every hour and situation. This is a book that excellently shows why Stoicism is the philosophy for our time. I recommend it with enthusiasm."
Richard Sorabji, author of Moral Conscience through the Ages: Fifth Century BC to the Present
"Sellars gives an enlightening explanation of how Stoic philosophy can help us in our lives. It can put us in control of our feelings, help us in adversity and guides us in our relationships with others. Sellars is ideally placed to offer these lessons in Stoicism as a teacher, scholar, and as a founding member of the group that teaches living like a Stoic for a week."
Nigel Warburton, author of A Little History of Philosophy
"Excellent. . . . Sellars gives a lucid, easy-to-follow account of what Stoicism as a way of life amounts to and how you might start to put it into practice. . . . To cover so much ground without merely skimming the surface requires real skill as a writer." 
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