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Population Viability Analysis

As human populations and the resources required to support societies continue to grow, an increasing number of plant and animal species around the world are facing extinction. Given limited time, space, and money, how do we decide which management actions will be most effective to avert extinctions?

In this book, many of the world’s leading conservation and population biologists evaluate what has become a key tool in estimating extinction risk and evaluating potential recovery strategies—population viability analysis, or PVA. PVA integrates data on the life history, demography, and genetics of a species with information on environmental variability, using computer models ranging from simple measures of population growth rate to complex spatial simulations, to predict whether a given population will remain viable (i.e., not go extinct) under various management options. A synthetic and objective overview of the latest theoretical and methodological advances, Population Viability Analysis will be crucial reading for conservationists, land managers, and policy makers.

593 pages | 71 line drawings, 29 tables | 6 x 9 | © 2002

Biological Sciences: Conservation, Ecology, Evolutionary Biology

Earth Sciences: Environment

Table of Contents

Foreword: Raising the Bar
Michael E. Soulé
Editors’ Preface
Part I. Overview of Population Viability Analysis
1. Population Viability Analysis: Past, Present, Future
Steven R. Beissinger
2. Incorporating Stochasticity in Population Viability Analysis
Russell Lande
3. Reconciling the Small-Population and Declining-Population Paradigms
Mark S. Boyce
4. The Role of Genetics in Population Viability Analysis
Fred W. Allendorf and Nils Ryman
5. Metapopulations of Animals in Highly Fragmented Landscapes and Population Viability Analysis
Ilkka Hanski
6. Plant Population Viability and Metapopulation-Level Processes
Susan Harrison and Chris Ray
7. Population Viability Analysis and Conservation Policy
Mark Shaffer, Laura Hood Watchman, William J. Snape III, and Ingrid K. Latchis
Part II. Issues in the Parameterization and Construction of PVA Models
8. Definition and Estimation of Effective Population Size in the Conservation of Endangered Species
Robin S. Waples
9. Estimating Parameters of PVA Models from Data on Marked Animals
Gary C. White, Alan B. Franklin, and Tanya M. Shenk
10. Including Uncertainties in Population Viability Analysis Using Population Prediction Intervals
Bernt-Erik Sæther and Steinar Engen
11. Bayesian Population Viability Analysis
Paul R. Wade
12. Incorporating Uncertainty in Population Viability Analyses for the Purpose of Classifying Species by Risk
Barbara L. Taylor, Paul R. Wade, Uma Ramakrishnan, Michael Gilpin, and H. Resit Akçakaya
Part III. Integrating Theory and Practice in the Use of Population Viability Analysis
13. How Good Are PVA Models? Testing Their Predictions with Experimental Data on the Brine Shrimp
Gary E. Belovsky, Chad Mellison, Chad Larson, and Peter A. Van Zandt
14. Evolution of Population Viability Assessments for the Florida Panther: A Multiperspective Approach
David S. Maehr, Robert C. Lacy, E. Darrell Land, Oron L. Bass Jr., and Thomas S. Hoctor
15. Population Viability Analysis for Plants: Understanding the Demographic Consequences of Seed Banks for Population Health
Daniel F. Doak, Diane Thomson, and Erik S. Jules
16. Sensitivity Analysis to Evaluate the Consequences of Conservation Actions
L. Scott Mills and Mark S. Lindberg
17. Application of Molecular Genetics to Conservation: New Issues and Examples
Philip W. Hedrick
18. Pedigree Analyses in Wild Populations
Susan M. Haig and Jonathan D. Ballou
19. Rangewide Risks to Large Populations: The Cape Sable Sparrow as a Case History
Stuart L. Pimm and Oron L. Bass Jr.
20. Population Viability Analysis, Management, and Conservation Planning at Large Scales
Fred B. Samson
Part IV. The Future of Population Viability Analysis
21. Predictive Bayesian Population Viability Analysis: A Logic for Listing Criteria, Delisting Criteria, and Recovery Plans
Daniel Goodman
22. Decision Theory for Population Viability Analysis
Hugh P. Possingham, David B. Lindenmayer, and Geoffrey N. Tuck
23. Incorporating Human Populations and Activities into Population Viability Analysis
Robert C. Lacy and Philip S. Miller
24. Fitting Population Viability Analysis into Adaptive Management
Donald Ludwig and Carl J. Walters
25. Guidelines for Using Population Viability Analysis in Endangered-Species Management
Katherine Ralls, Steven R. Beissinger, and Jean Fitts Cochrane
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