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Philosophical Correspondence, 1759-1799

Edited and translated by Arnulf Zweig
Drawn from the Prussian Academy edition of Kant’s collected works, these letters make it possible to trace the development of Kant’s thought from his earliest worries about the topics discussed in the Critique of Pure Reason to his attempts in later life to meet the objections of his critics and erstwhile disciples.  "Perhaps the major value of these writings is their demonstration of Kant’s own attitude towards his philosophical works."—Paul Arthur Schilpp, Saturday Review

270 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1967

Philosophy: History and Classic Works

Table of Contents

The Letters
From J. G. HAMANN, July 27, I759
From J. H. LAMBERT, November I3, 1765
To J. H. LAMBERT, December 31, I765
From J. H. LAMBERT, February 3, 1766
To MosEs MENDELSSOHN, April 8, 1766
To J. H. LAMBERT, September 2, I770
From J. H. LAMBERT, October 13, 1770
FromM     E MS E MNDELSSOHN, December 25, 1770
To MARCUS HERZ, February 2I, 1772
To MARCUS HERZ [toward the end of 1773]
To J. C. LAVATER, April 28, 1775
To J. C. LAVATER [after April 28, 1775]
To C. H. WOLKE, March 28, 1776
To MARCUS HERZ, November 24, I776
To MARCUS HERZ, August 20, 1777
To MARCUS HERZ, August 28, I778
To MARCUS HERZ, October 20, 1778
From MARCUS HERZ, November 24, 1778
To MARCUS HERZ, February 4, 1779
To MARCUS HERZ [about May II, I78i]
To J. BERNOULLI, November I6, I781
To CHRISTIAN GARVE, August 7, 1783
To MOSES MENDELSSOHN, August i6, 1783
To JOHANN SCHULTZ, August 26, I783
From JOHANN SCHULTZ, August 28, 1783
To JOHANN SCHULTZ, February 17, 1784
From F. V. L. PLESSING, March 15, I784
From F. V. L. PLESSING, April 3, 784
To C. G. SCHiUTZ, September 13, I785
From MARCUS HERZ, February 27, 1786
To J. BERING, April 7, 1786
To MARCUS HERZ, April 7, 1786
To L. H. JAKOB, September ii [?], 1787
From J. C. BERENS, December 5, 1787
To K. L. REINHOLD, December 28 and 31, I787
To JOHANN SCHULTZ, November 25, 1788
From SALOMON MAIMON, April 7, 1789
From J. B. JACHMANN, April I5, I789
To K. L. REINHOLD, May 12, 1789
To K. L. REINHOLD, May 19, I789
To MARCUS HERZ, May 26, I789
To F. H. JACOBI, August 30, I789
To L. E. BOROWSKI [between March 6 and 22, I790]
To J. G. C. C. KIESEWETTER, April 20, 1790
From J. G. C. C. KIESEWETTER, April 20, 1790
To A. W. REHBERG [before September 25, I790]
To C. F. HELLWAG, January 3, 1791
To J. F. GENSICHEN, April 19, 1791
From J. G. C. C. KIESEWETTER, June 14, 179I
From MARIA VON HERBERT, [August] I791
From SALOMON MAIMON, September 20, 179I
To K. L. REINHOLD, September 21, I791
To J. S. BECK, September 27, I791
From J. S. BECK, November ii, I791
To J. S. BECK, January 20, 1792
To J. H. KANT, January 26, 1792
To J. G. FICHTE, February 2, 1792
To MARIA VON HERBERT, Spring, 1792
From J. S. BECK, May 31, 17
To J. S. BECK, July 3, I792
To J. S. BECK, October 16 [or 17], 1792
From J. S. BECK, November Io, I792
From SALOMON MAIMON, November 30, 1792
To J. S. BECK, December 4, 1792
To J. B. ERHARD, December 21, 1792
From MARIA VON HERBERT, [January] I793
From J. B. ERHARD, January I7, 1793
To ELISABETH MOTHERBY, February 11, I793
To C. F. STAUDLIN, May 4, I793
From J. G. C. C. KIESEWETTER, June 15, 1793
To J. S. BECK, August 18, I793
From J. E. BIESTER, October 5, I793
From J. G. C. C. KIESEWErTER, November 23, I793
To K. L. REINHOLD, March 28, 1794
To J. E. BIESTER, April 10, 1794
From J. S. BECK, June 17, 1794
To J. S. BECK, July 1, 1794
To FRIEDRICH WILHELM II [after October 12, 1794]
From J. E. BIESTER, December 17, 1794
From MATERNUS REUSS, April I, 1796
From CONRAD STANG, October 2, 1796
To J. A. SCHLETTWEIN, May 29, 1797
From J. S. BECK, June 20, 1797
From J. S. BECK, June 24, 1797
To C. G. SCHUTZ, July IO, 1797
To J. A. LINDBLOM, October 13, 1797
To J. H. TIEFTRUNK, October 13, 1797
From J. H. TIEFTRUNK, November 5, 1797
To J. H. TIEFTRUNK, December II, I797

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