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Philosophies of Art and Beauty

Selected Readings in Aesthetics from Plato to Heidegger

This anthology is remarkable not only for the selections themselves, among which the Schelling and the Heidegger essays were translated especially for this volume, but also for the editors’ general introduction and the introductory essays for each selection, which make this volume an invaluable aid to the study of the powerful, recurrent ideas concerning art, beauty, critical method, and the nature of representation. Because this collection makes clear the ways in which the philosophy of art relates to and is part of general philosophical positions, it will be an essential sourcebook to students of philosophy, art history, and literary criticism.

728 pages | 5-1/4 x 8 | © 1964

Philosophy: Aesthetics

Table of Contents

The Arts and Measure
(Selections from Statesman)
Imitative Art: Definition and Criticism
(Selections from The Republic, Sophist, Laws)
Artistic Inspiration
(Selections from Ion, Phaedrus)
The Love of Beauty
(Selections from Symposium)
What Is Art?
(Selections from Metaphysics, Nicomachean Ethics)
Translated by W. D. Ross
Coming-to-Be and Artistic Production: Nature and Art
(Selections from Parts of Animals, Physics, and Metaphysics)
Translated by William Ogle, R. P. Hardie, and R. K. Gaye
Standard of Artistic Goodness
(Selections from Nicomachean Ethics)
Translated by W. D. Ross
(Selections from Metaphysics, Rhetoric)
Translated by W. D. Ross, W. Rhys Roberts
The Imitative Art of Poetry
(Selections from Poetics, Rhetoric)
Translated by Ingram Bywater, W. Rhys Roberts
Theory of Music
(Selections from Politics)
Translated by Benjamin Jowett
Ennead I, Sixth Tractate: Beauty
Ennead V, Eighth Tractate: On the Intellectual Beauty
Selections from Ennead VI, Seventh Tractate: Multiplicity of the Ideal-Forms
Selections from Ennead III, Eight Tractate: Nature, Contemplation, and the One
Translated by Stephen MacKenna
Selections from De Ordine
Translated by Robert P. Russell
Selections from De Musica
Redaction and Translation by W. F. Jackson Knight
Marsilio Ficino
Selections from Commentary on Plato’s Symposium
Translated by Sears Reynolds Jayne
Selections from Characteristics of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times . . .
Selections from Second Characters or the Language of Forms
Immanuel Kant
Selections from Critique of Judgment
Translated by J. H. Bernard
Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling
Selections from System of Transcendental Idealism
Translated by Albert Hofstadter
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Selections from The Philosophy of Fine Art
Translated by F. P. B. Osmaston
Arthur Schopenhauer
Selections from The World as Will and Idea
Translated by R. B. Haldane J. Kemp
Friedrich Nietzsche
Selections from The Birth of Tragedy
Translated by Clifton P. Fadiman
Benedetto Croce
Selections from "Aesthetics" (Encyclopaedia Britannica, Fourteenth Edition)
John Dewey
Selections from Art as Experience
Martin Heidegger
The Origin of the Work of Art
Translated by Albert Hofstadter

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