Paper $32.00 ISBN: 9780226646855 Published June 1996
Cloth $62.00 ISBN: 9780226646831 Published October 1991

Nietzsche and Asian Thought

Edited by Graham Parkes

Nietzsche and Asian Thought

Edited by Graham Parkes

261 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1991
Paper $32.00 ISBN: 9780226646855 Published June 1996
Cloth $62.00 ISBN: 9780226646831 Published October 1991
Friedrich Nietzsche’s work has had a significant impact on the intellectual life of non-Western cultures and elicited responses from important thinkers outside of the Anglo-American philosophical traditions as well. Bringing together thirteen internationally renowned scholars, this is the first collection of essays to address the connection between Nietzsche’s ideas and philosphies in India, China, and Japan.

The contributors are Roger T. Ames, Johann Figl, Chen Guying, Michel Hulin, Arifuku Kogaku, David A. Kelly, Glen T. Martin, Sonoda Muneto, Graham Parkes, okochi Ryogi, Eberhard Scheiffele, Mervyn Sprung, and Joan Stambaugh.

"Exemplary. Its comparative approach is incisive yet accessible. I consider it a ’must read’"—Kathleen Marie Higgins, Philosophy East and West

"An excellent introduction to the broad ranging reception of Nietzsche among Asian thinkers."—James R. Watson, Canadian Philosophical Review

"The essays in this welcome collection are invariably thought-provoking and genuinely cross-disciplinary."—Kenneth Surin, Religious Studies Review

"A worthy and undogmatic introduction to several fascinating questions concerning the relations between Nietzschean thought and certain traditions of thought in India, China, and Japan."—Don Miller, Asian Studies Review
I. Others
1. The Orientation of Nietzschean Text by Graham Parkes
2. The Other Nietzsche by Joan Stambaugh
3. Questioning One’s "Own" from the Perspective of the Foreign by Eberhard Scheiffele, translated by Graham Parkes
II. India
4. Nietzsche’s Early Encounters with Asian Thought by Johann Figl, translated by Graham Parkes
5. Nietzsche and the Suffering of the Indian Ascetic by Michel Hulin, translated by Graham Parkes
6. Nietzsche’s Trans-European Eye by Mervyn Sprung
7. Deconstruction and Breakthrough in Nietzsche and Nagàrjuna by Glen T. Martin
III. China
8. Zhuang Zi and Nietzsche: Plays of Perspectives by Chen Guying, translated by James Sellman
9. Nietzsche’s "Will to Power" and Chinese "Virtuality" (De): A Comparative Study by Roger T. Ames
10. The Higher Chinadom: Nietzsche and the Chinese Mind, 1907-1989 by David A. Kelly
IV. Japan
11. The Early Reception of Nietzsche’s Philosophy in Japan by Graham Parkes
12. Nietzsche’s Conception of Nature from an East-Asian Point of View by okochi Ryogi, translated by Graham Parkes
13. The Problem of the Body in Nietzsche and Dogen by Arifuku Kogaku, translated by Graham Parkes
14. The Eloquent Silence of Zarathustra by Sonoda Muneto, translated by Setsuko Aihara and Graham Parkes
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