The Mantle of the Earth

Genealogies of a Geographical Metaphor

Veronica della Dora

The Mantle of the Earth

Veronica della Dora

Publication supported by the Bevington Fund

416 pages | 10 color plates, 71 halftones | 6 x 9 | © 2021
Cloth $65.00 ISBN: 9780226741291 Will Publish December 2020
The term mantle has inspired philosophers, geographers, and theologians, and shaped artists’ and mapmakers’ visual vocabularies for thousands of years. According to Veronica della Dora, mantle is the “metaphor par excellence, for it unfolds between the seen and the unseen as a threshold and as a point of tension.” Featuring numerous illustrations, The Mantle of the Earth: Genealogies of a Geographical Metaphor is an intellectual history of the term mantle and its metaphorical representation in art and literature, geography and cartography. Through the history of this metaphor from antiquity to the modern day, we learn about shifting perceptions and representations of global space and of the nature of geography itself.
Introduction: On Mantles, Maps, and Metaphors

Part I: Clothing Creation

1. Mythical Cloaks
2. Biblical and Byzantine Garments
3. Medieval Vernicles

Part II: Unveiling Space

4. Renaissance Stage Curtains
5. Drapes, Lights, and Shadows
6. Romantic Veils

Part III: The Surfaces of Modernity

7. The Surfaces of Geography
8. Pierced Surfaces and Parted Veils
9. The Green Mantle

Part IV: Weaving Worlds

10. Cartographic Embroideries
11. The Digital Skin

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Stuart Elden, University of Warwick, author of "The Birth of Territory," "Shakespearean Territories," and "Canguilhem"
The Mantle of the Earth is an exceptional book. Thoroughly researched, endlessly interesting, and beautifully written, it takes a notion that seems straightforward and explores it in multiple, insightful and productive ways. Its breadth is quite extraordinary. Della Dora also wears her learning lightly, until you start looking at the notes, which are staggeringly erudite. Fabulous.”
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