Modern American Religion, Volume 3

Under God, Indivisible, 1941-1960

Martin E. Marty

Modern American Religion, Volume 3

Martin E. Marty

555 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1996
Paper $37.00 ISBN: 9780226508993 Published December 1999
In this third volume of his acclaimed chronicle of faith in twentieth-century America, Martin E. Marty presents the first authoritative account of American religious culture from the entry of the United States into World War II through the Eisenhower years.

Under God, Indivisible, 1941-1960 is the first book to systematically address religion and the roles it played in shaping the social and political life of mid-century America. A work of exceptional clarity and historical depth, it will interest general readers as well as historians of American and church history.

"The series will become a standard account of the nation’s variegated religious culture during the current century. The four volumes, the fruition of decades of research, may rank as much honored Marty’s most significant contribution to U.S. studies."—Richard N. Ostling, Time

"When America needs some advice or commentary on the state of modern theology, the person it turns to is Martin Marty."—Publishers Weekly
1. "The Binding Tie of Cohesive Sentiment"
Part One: "Indivisible" in the Second World War, 1941-1945
2. "Damn War! Damn Pacifism . . . !"
3. "The Whole Moral Ambiguity of Warfare"
4. "The Jewish Problem"
5. "This War Is Crucial for the Future of the Negro"
6. "A Jap’s a Jap"
7. "The Christian Church Is Reintegrating"
8. "Here Ceaseless Vigilance is Required"
Part Two: "One Nation" Early in the Cold War, 1945-1952
9. "The Vital Center"
10. "Can Protestantism Win America?"
11. "Stating the Catholic Attitude with Every Frankness"
12. "That Each American Jew Becomes a Zionist"
13. "A Religious Monopoly Which Has Ceased to Exist"
14. "Religion Is Not a Civil Function or a Public Matter"
15. "Men and Women Should Own the World as a Mutual Possession"
16. "The Dominant Currents . . . Have Been Centripetal"
Part Three: "Under God" During the Eisenhower Presidency, 1952-1960
17. "The American Way of Life Is the Operative Framework"
18. "A Civic Religion of the American Way of Life"
19. "The Popular Religious Revival Is . . . Tied to a Popular Patriotism"
20. "Men Locked Together in Argument"
21. "Is There a Pink Fringe?"
22. "True Integration Will Be Achieved"
23. "In Unblushing Competition for the American Soul"
24. "Frontiers of American Catholicism"
25. "The Ultimate Fate of Protestantism . . . Remains in Doubt"
26. "The Boundless Community of the Best of the World-That-Is"

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