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The Motet Books of Andrea Antico

This volume is the latest in a distinguished series of Renaissance editions, Monuments of Renaissance Music, which was founded by Edward E. Lowinsky and is now edited by Howard Mayer Brown. Four of the seven volumes published in the series to date have received the Otto Kinkeldey Award of the American Musicological Society.

Andrea Antico was one of the earliest and most important music publishers. Starting in Rome in 1510 and continuing in Venice, Antico produced elegant books of polyphonic music, cut with incredible skill on wood blocks. The repertory he published is central to understanding sixteenth-century music. It includes, for example, many pieces sung regularly in the Sistine Chapel. Since the best-represented composer in Antico’s volumes if Jean Mouton, chapel master to the French king, these motet books provide insights into the character of music both at the Vatican and at the French court at the height of the Renaissance.

Martin Picker provides an exemplary edition of the four volumes of motets published by Antico in the early 1520s. His edition includes, in modern notation, all of the contents of these volumes not previously published in the Medici Codex (Monuments of Renaissance Music, Volumes III-V). Picker prefaces his edition with a history of Antico’s publishing career and a discussion of each piece and its sources. The list of concordant sources and the discussions of important variants will be of enormous value to Renaissance scholars.

448 pages | 9 x 12 | © 1987

Monuments of Renaissance Music

Music: Music Editions

Table of Contents

Part One: Introduction
I. Andrea Antico as a Publisher of Music
Appendix: The Editions of Andrea Antico
II. Antico’s Motet Books of 1520 and 1521

Part Two: Concordance and Commentary
III. The Concordant Sources and Bibliography
IV. Commentaries on Individual Compositions

Part Three: The Edition
Editorial Note
The Transcriptions:
1. De profundis Josquinus
2.p.: A custodia matutina

2. Felix namque es Jo. Mouton
2.p.: O Maria, Mater Dei
3. Congaudentes exultemus Thomas Martini
2.p.: O beate Nicolae
4. Queramus cum pastoribus Jo. Mouton
2.p.: Ubi pascas, ubi cubes
5. Ave ancilla Trinitatis A. de Silva
2.p.: Ave cujus conceptio
6. Ave stella matutina Metre Joan
2.p.: Tu es area compluta
7. Dum complerentur Jo. Lheritier
2.p.: Spiritus Domini replevit
8. Salve, Regina Barbara Moulu
2.p.: Eya ergo, O Barbara
9. Salve, Regina misericordie Basiron
2.p.: Eya ergo, advocata nostra
10. Domine, Dominus noster J. Mouton
2.p.: Quid est homo
11. Laudate Dominum omnes gentes (Anon.)
12. Interveniat pro Gabrieli Jacotin
13. Recordare, Virgo Mater Josquin (?)
2.p.: Et ut advertas

14. Philomena, previa Richafort
2.p.: Veni dulcis amica
15. Salve, Mater Salvatoris Jo. Mouton
16. Miseremini mei Josquin (Richafort?)
2.p.: Cutis mea aruit
17. Exaudiat te Dominus Richafort
2.p.: Impleat Dominus
18. Sancta Maria, succurre miseris Liretier
19. Salvator mundi, salva nos (Lhéritier?)
2.p.: Eia ergo advocemus
20. Ave Domina mea Jo. Lhiretier
21. Christus resurgens Richafort
2.p.: Mortuus est enim
22. Vide, Domine, afflictionem nostram De la Fage
23. Congregate sunt gentes Jo. Mouton
2.p.: Tu scis, Domine
24. O gemma clarissima, Katherina (Willaert)
25. Cognoscimus Domine (Richafort)
2.p.: Vita nostra in dolore
26. Pater noster (Richafort)
2.p.: Panem nostrum
27. Confirma hoc Deus (Bisgueria?)
2.p.: Gloria Patri, et Filio
28. Maria Virgo, prescripta / Angeli, Archangeli /
Salve sancta Parens (C. Festa)
29. Salve, Regina misericordie Jusquinus
2.p.: Eya ergo, advocata nostra
3.p.: Et Jesum
30. Ave fuit prima salus (Mouton)
2.p.: Dominus ab initio
31. Ave, mundi spes, Maria Jo. de la Fage
2.p.: Ave, gemma, celi luminarium
32. Factum est silentium Jo. Mouton
2.p.: Dum sacrum misterium
33. In illo tempore Maria Magdalene Jo. Mouton
2.p.: Dic nobis, Maria
34. (O) Christe Redemptor Jo. Mouton
2.p.: O excelsa Trinitas
35. Jocundare, Jerusalem Jo. Mouton
2.p.: Cum igitur natus
36. Sancte Sebastiane Jo. Mouton
2.p.: (O) beate Sebastiane
37. Partus et integritas Jo. de la Fage
38. In illo tempore: Postquam Seb. Festa
39. Quam pulchra es Const. Festa
40. Nunc dimittis servum tuum Const. Festa
41. Rex autem David Gascogne
Index of Composers
Index of Compositions

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