Paper $37.00 ISBN: 9780226039237 Published May 2006
Cloth $87.00 ISBN: 9780226039220 Published May 2006
E-book $10.00 to $36.99 About E-books ISBN: 9780226039244 Published November 2007 Also Available From
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Laura Battiferra and Her Literary Circle

An Anthology: A Bilingual Edition

Laura Battiferra degli Ammannati

Laura Battiferra and Her Literary Circle

Laura Battiferra degli Ammannati

Edited and Translated by Victoria Kirkham
493 pages | 19 halftones | 6 x 9 | © 2006
Paper $37.00 ISBN: 9780226039237 Published May 2006
Cloth $87.00 ISBN: 9780226039220 Published May 2006
E-book $10.00 to $36.99 About E-books ISBN: 9780226039244 Published November 2007
Internationally known during her lifetime, Laura Battiferra (1523-89) was a gifted and prolific poet in Renaissance Florence. The author of nearly 400 sonnets remarkable for their subtlety, intricate narrative structure, and learned allusions, Battiferra, who was married to the prominent sculptor and architect Bartolomeo Ammannati, traversed an elite literary and artistic network, circulating her verse in a complex and intellectually fecund exchange with some of the most illustrious figures in Italian history. In this bilingual anthology, Victoria Kirkham gathers Battiferra’s most essential writing, including newly discovered poems, which provide modern readers with a valuable social chronicle of sixteenth-century Italy and the courtly culture of the Counter-Reformation.
List of Illustrations
Series Editors’ Introduction
Volume Editor’s Introduction
Volume Editor’s Bibliography
Note on Translation
List of Abbreviations
I. Poems from Rime di Madonna Laura Battiferra degli Ammannati
Men Writing to Battiferra
Selections from Le opere toscane, Part 1
Selections from "Rimi Spirituali di Madonna Laura Battiferra degli Ammannati," Part 2
II. Poems from Other Collections
The Period 1560-1577
Poems of Uncertain Date
III. Orison on the Nativity of Our Lord
IV. Letters
A. Battiferra’s Wills
B. Genealogical Chart of the Battiferri Family of Urbino
C. Genealogical Chart of the Cibo, Della Rovere, Varana, and Farnese Families
D. Genealogical Chart of the Medici, Toledo, Colonna, and Montefeltro Families
E. Sources of the Selections and Textual Variants
F. List of Manuscripts and Printed Editions
Series Editors’ Bibliography
Index of First Lines
General Index
Review Quotes
Virginia Cox | Renaissance Quarterly

 “An impressive and revelatory achievement, admirably combining monumental scholarly range and editorial rigor with elegance of presentation and lightness of touch.”

Jane K. Wickersham | Sixteenth Century Journal

“Battiferra’s literary presence at a time of cultural and religious transition . . . give Kirkham a fascinating array of multiple contexts for Battiferra’s work, which she so thoroughly and sensitively elucidates for her readers. As a result Battiferra’s poetry, personality, and talent are resurrected for twenty-first-century readers to appreciate fully.”

Abigail Brundin | Modern Language Review

“Kirkham’s hugely scholarly edition and translation . . . performs an invaluable service for the academic community. . . . Kirkham’s translations are careful and sensitive, and the parallel text allows the reader of Italian to gain a full sense of the poet’s finely wrought style in the original texts.”

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