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A Leonard Bloomfield Anthology

Edited and with an Introduction by Charles F. Hockett
In the centenary year of Leonard Bloomfield’s birth, this abridgment makes available a representative selection of the writings of this central figure in the history of linguistics.

"Hockett has achieved his purpose—to reveal Bloomfield’s way of working, the general principles that guided his work, and last, but by no means least, to indicate how Bloomfield’s interests and attitudes changed with the passing years."—Harry Hoijer, Language

321 pages | frontispiece | 6.00 x 9.00 | © 1970, 1987

Language and Linguistics: General Language and Linguistics

Table of Contents

Editor’s Preface
B2. 1911. The Indo-European Palatals in Sanskrit
B3. 1911. Review of Wood
B4. 1912. Review of Prokosch
B5. 1912. Review of Sheffield
B6. 1913. Review of Wundt
B8. 1914. Sentence and Word
B9. 1916. Subject and Predicate
B13. 1922. Review of Sapir
B16. 1922. Review of Jespersen’s Language
B17. 1923. Review of Saussure
B18. 1925. Why a Linguistic Society?
B21. 1926. A Set of Postulates for the Science of Language
B23. 1927. Review of Jespersen’s Philosophy of Grammar
B25. 1927. Literate and Illiterate Speech
B26. 1927. On Some Rules of Panini
B27. 1927. [With George Melville Bolling] What Symbols Shall We Use?
B28. 1927. On Recent Work in General Linguistics
B29. 1927-1934. Contributions to Le Maître Phonétique
B33. 1928. A Note on Sound Change
B34. 1928. Review of Kloeke
B35. 1929. Review of Liebich
B36. 1930. Linguistics as a Science
B37. 1931. Review of Ries
B38. 1931. Obituary of Weiss
B39. 1932. Reivew of Hermann
B40. 1933. The Structure of Learned Words
B42. 1934. Review of Havers
B43. 1935. The Stressed Vowels of American English
B44. 1935. Linguistic Aspects of Science (article)
B45. 1935. Language or Ideas? 
B46. 1936. Review of Bentley
B48. 1938. Initial [k-] in German
B49. 1938. Obituary of Prokosch
B50. 1939. Menomini Morphophonemics
B56. 1942. Linguistics and Reading
B57. 1942. Philosophical Aspects of Language
B58. 1943. Meaning
B59. 1943. Review of Swadesh
B60. 1943. Obituary of Boas
B61. 1944. Review of Bodmer
B62. 1944. Secondary and Tertiary Responses to Language
B63. 1945. About Foreign Language Teaching
B64. 1945. From On Describing Inflection
B67. 1946. Twenty-One Years of the Linguistic Society

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