Paper $32.50 ISBN: 9780226787015 Will Publish July 2021
Cloth $97.50 ISBN: 9780226786964 Will Publish July 2021
E-book $31.99 Available for pre-order. ISBN: 9780226787152 Will Publish July 2021

Kindred Spirits

Friendship and Resistance at the Edges of Modern Catholicism

Brenna Moore

Kindred Spirits

Brenna Moore

336 pages | 12 halftones | 6 x 9 | © 2021
Paper $32.50 ISBN: 9780226787015 Will Publish July 2021
Cloth $97.50 ISBN: 9780226786964 Will Publish July 2021
E-book $31.99 ISBN: 9780226787152 Will Publish July 2021

Kindred Spirits takes us inside a remarkable network of Catholic historians, theologians, poets, and activists who pushed against both the far-right surge in interwar Europe and the secularizing tendencies of the leftist movements active in the early to mid-twentieth century. With meticulous attention to the complexity of real lives, Brenna Moore explores how this group sought a middle way anchored in “spiritual friendship”—religiously meaningful friendship understood as uniquely capable of facing social and political challenges.

For this group, spiritual friendship was inseparable from resistance to European xenophobia and nationalism, anti-racist activism in the United States, and solidarity with Muslims during the Algerian War. Friendship, they believed, was a key to both divine and human realms, a means of accessing the transcendent while also engaging with our social and political existence. Some of the figures are still well known—philosopher Jacques Maritain, Nobel Prize laureate Gabriela Mistral, influential Islamicist Louis Massignon, poet of the Harlem renaissance Claude McKay—while others have unjustly faded from memory. Much more than an idealized portrait of a remarkable group of Catholic intellectuals from the past, Kindred Spirits is a compelling exploration of both the beauty and flaws of a vibrant social network worth remembering.


Introduction    Spiritual Friendship as an Alternative Catholic Modernity
Chapter 1        Between Latin America and Europe: Gabriela Mistral and the Maritains
Chapter 2        “Luminous Spiritual Traces” to Islam: The Passionate Friendships of Louis Massignon
Chapter 3        Marie-Magdeleine Davy and the Hermeneutic of Friendship in Resistance to Nazism
Chapter 4        The Intimacy and Resilience of Invisible Friendship: Marie-Magdeleine Davy and Simone Weil
Chapter 5        Friendship and the Black Catholic Internationalism of Claude McKay
Epilogue          Kindred Spirits as Fragments of Modernity


Review Quotes
Anthony O'Mahony, University of Oxford
"Brenna Moore in Kindred Spirits: Friendship and Resistance at the Edges of Modern Catholicism has written a very fine work on 'Spiritual Friendship' in the life and thought of French Catholics in their encounter with the modern world. Moore demonstrates in a series of detailed and well researched studies the creative theological, cultural, and political endeavour of French Catholicism as a significant legacy of the twentieth century. However, Moore clearly signposts the abiding importance of this rich and complex contribution of French Catholicism to our own times and challenges."
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