Paper $30.00 ISBN: 9780226748887 Published January 2021
Cloth $95.00 ISBN: 9780226748740 Published January 2021
E-book $10.00 to $29.99 About E-books ISBN: 9780226748917 Published February 2021 Also Available From

Fútbol in the Park

Immigrants, Soccer, and the Creation of Social Ties

David Trouille

Fútbol in the Park

David Trouille

240 pages | 16 halftones | 6 x 9 | © 2021
Paper $30.00 ISBN: 9780226748887 Published January 2021
Cloth $95.00 ISBN: 9780226748740 Published January 2021
E-book $10.00 to $29.99 About E-books ISBN: 9780226748917 Published February 2021
You know the scene: amateur soccer players battling over the ball, spectators cheering from the sidelines, vendors selling their wares from carts. Over the past half century, immigration from Latin America has transformed the public landscape in the United States, and numerous communities are witnessing one of the hallmarks of this transformation: the emergence of park soccer. In Fútbol in the Park, David Trouille takes us into the world of Latino soccer players who regularly play in an upscale Los Angeles neighborhood where they are not always welcome. Together on the soccer field, sharing beers after the games, and occasionally exchanging taunts or blows, the men build relationships and a sense of who they are. Through these engrossing, revealing, and at times immortalizing activities, they forge new identities, friendships, and job opportunities, giving themselves a renewed sense of self-worth and community. As the United States becomes increasingly polarized over issues of immigration and culture, Fútbol in the Park offers a close look at the individual lives and experiences of migrants.

1 Field Insiders, Neighborhood Outsiders
2 Men at Play
3 Para Convivir: Drinking Beer in the Park
4 Fighting Your Friends
5 Working Connections

Review Quotes
Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo, University of Southern California
“Trouille’s well-crafted ethnography gives us a close up view of working-class men’s sociability, and importantly, it also reveals the subtle and yet profound ways that borders and belonging operate for Latino immigrant men today.  An important reminder for us to pay attention to what unfolds on the ground.”
Colin Jerolmack, New York University
“I love this book. I really feel immersed in the social world of the jugadores—so much so that I laugh at their jokes and feel the joy of their successes. It’s seldom to see a social world depicted so carefully, so lovingly, and with such nuance."
William Kornblum, the Graduate Center at the City University of New York
“Well-crafted and original. . . . Given the demonizing of Latino immigrant men we are witnessing, this book succeeds in humanizing this cruelly stereotyped slice of humanity. The depth of material here, gathered over years of field research, is unusual and adds immensely to the persuasiveness of the work. The actual lives Latino immigrant men create in our cities is an urgent subject that David Trouille explores in fascinating and cogent detail.”
Angela S. Garcia, University of Chicago
“The book does a fantastic job putting a new spin on classic concepts integral to the international migration literature, such as labor, gender, and social networks. At the same time, it challenges the reader to question otherwise taken-for-granted assumptions and concepts related to immigration. Fútbol in the Park speaks volumes to the ways that leisure in the park came to be such a meaningful community for so many.”
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