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A Franz Boas Reader

The Shaping of American Anthropology, 1883-1911

"The Shaping of American Anthropology is a book which is outstanding in many respects. Stocking is probably the leading authority on Franz Boas; he understands Boas’s contributions to American anthropology, as well as anthropology in general, very well. . . . He is, in a word, the foremost historian of anthropology in the world today. . . . The reader is both a collection of Boas’s papers and a solid 23-page introduction to giving the background and basic assumptions of Boasian anthropology."—David Schneider, University of Chicago

"While Stocking has not attempted to present a person biography, nevertheless Boas’s personal characteristics emerge not only in his scholarly essays, but perhaps more vividly in his personal correspondence. . . . Stocking is to be commended for collecting this material together in a most interesting and enjoyable reader."—Gustav Thaiss, American Anthropologist

368 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1974

Anthropology: Cultural and Social Anthropology

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Basic Assumptions of Boasian Anthropology
Part I - The Background of Boas’ Anthropology
1. The History of Anthropology
2. Rudolf Virchow’s Anthropological Work

3. "The Background of My Early Thinking"
4. Psychic Life from a Mechanistic Viewpoint
5. A Year Among the Eskimo
Part II - Basic Anthropological Viewpoints
6. From Geographical Surroundings to Historical Facts
7. The Principles of Ethnological Classification
8. The Aims of Ethnology
9. On Alternating Sounds
10. Remarks on the Theory of Anthropometry
Part III - The Pattern of Boas’ Fieldwork
11. From the Eskimo to Vancouver Island
12. Fieldwork for the British Association, 1888-1897
13. The Jesup North Pacific Expedition
14. Kathlamet Texts
15. The Documentary Function of the Text
16. A Truthful Picture for Future Times
17. "That Book Contains My Speech"
Part IV - Folklore and the Critique of Evolutionism
18. Tylor’s "Adhesions" and the Distribution of Myth-Elements
19. The Mythologies of the Indians
20. The Mythology of the Bella Coola Indians
Part V - The Analytical Study of Language
21. Classification of the Languages of the North Pacific Coast
22. A Handbook of North American Languages
23. Sketch of the Kwakiutl Language
24. A Purely Analytical Study of Language
25. The Relation of Tlingit and Athapascan
26. The Speech Mannerisms of Social Groups
27. Some Philological Aspects of Anthropological Research
Part VI - The Critique of Formalism in Physical Anthropology
28. The Anthropology of the North American Indian
29. Changes in Immigrant Body Form
30. Instability of Human Types
Part VII - Racial Capacity and Cultural Determinism
31. Human Faculty as Determined by Race
32. Psychological Problems in Anthropology
Part VIII - Anthropological Overviews
33. The Religion of American Indians
34. Anthropology
Part IX - The Propagation of Anthropology
35. The Boas Plan for American Anthropology
36. Anthropological Instruction in Columbia University
37. Boas’ Graduate Seminar
38. A Plea for a Great Oriental School
39. The Educational Functions of Anthropological Museums
40. Plans for Research in Central and South America
41. A Residue of Bitterness
Part X - Anthropology and Society
42. The Outlook for the American Negro
43. Changing the Racial Attitudes of White Americans
44. Race Problems in America
45. American Nationalism and World War I
46. A Protest Vote for the Socialist Party
47. Scientists as Spies
48. Freedom to Teach

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