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Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology

Classic Papers with Commentaries

Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology presents a timely collection of pioneering work in the study of these diverse and fascinating ecosystems. Modeled on the highly successful Foundations of Ecology, this book consists of facsimiles of papers chosen by world experts in tropical biology as the "classics" in the field. The papers are organized into sections on related topics, each introduced with a discussion of their role in triggering subsequent research. Topics covered include ecological and evolutionary perspectives on the origins of tropical diversity; plant-animal interactions; patterns of species diversity and distribution of arthropods, vertebrates, and plants; forest dynamics and ecosystem ecology; conservation biology; and tropical forest management.

Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology makes essential works in the development of tropical biology available in a convenient form to both senior scholars interested in the roots of their discipline and to students encountering the field for the first time, as well as to everyone concerned with tropical conservation.

862 pages | 20 halftones, 169 line drawings | 6-1/2 x 9-1/2 | © 2001

Published in association with the Association for Tropical Biology

Biological Sciences: Botany, Conservation, Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Tropical Biology and Conservation

History of Science

Table of Contents


Robin L. Chazdon

Part One
Tropical Naturalists of the Sixteenth through Nineteenth Centuries
Robin L. Chazdon and the Earl of Cranbrook

A. von Humboldt and A. Bonpland (1814-21)
Excerpts from Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent, during the Years 1799-1804

H. W. Bates (1864)
Excerpt from The Naturalist on the River Amazons

T. Belt (1874)
Excerpt from The Naturalist in Nicaragua

A. R. Wallace (1895)
Excerpt from Natural Selection and Tropical Nature

A. F. W. Schimper ([1898] 1903)
Excerpt from Plant-Geography upon a Physiological Basis

Part Two
What Shaped Tropical Biotas As We See Them Today?
T. C. Whitmore

T. van der Hammen (1974)
The Pleistocene Changes of Vegetation and Climate in Tropical South America

J. Haffer (1969)
Speciation in Amazonian Forest Birds

P. H. Raven and D. I. Axelrod (1974)
Excerpts from Angiosperm Biogeography and Past Continental Movements

F. G. Stehli and S. D. Webb (1985)
A Kaleidoscope of Plates, Faunal and Floral Dispersals, and Sea Level Changes

Part Three
Ecological and Evolutionary Perspectives on the Origins of Tropical Diversity
Douglas W. Schemske

T. Dobzhansky (1950)
Evolution in the Tropics

A. G. Fischer (1960)
Latitudinal Variations in Organic Diversity

A. A. Fedorov (1966)
The Structure of the Tropical Rain Forest and Speciation in the Humid Tropics

E. R. Pianka (1966)
Latitudinal Gradients in Species Diversity: A Review of Concepts

D. H. Janzen (1967)
Why Mountain Passes are Higher in the Tropics

R. H. MacArthur (1969)
Patterns of Communities in the Tropics

J. H. Connell (1978)
Diversity in Tropical Rain Forests and Coral Reefs

Part Four
Plant-Animal Interactions and Community Structure
Bette A. Loiselle and Rodolfo Dirzo

D. H. Janzen (1970)
Herbivores and the Number of Tree Species in Tropical Forests

P. D. Coley (1980)
Effects of Leaf Age and Plant Life History Patterns on Herbivory

L. van der Pijl (1972)
Excerpt from Principles of Dispersal in Higher Plants

F. G. Stiles (1975)
Ecology, Flowering Phenology, and Hummingbird Pollination of some Costa Rican Heliconia Species

Part Five
Robert J. Marquis and Rodolfo Dirzo

H. W. Bates (1862)
Contributions to an Insect Fauna of the Amazon Valley. Lepidoptera: Heliconidae

T. Belt (1874)
Excerpt from The Naturalist in Nicaragua

J. Galil and D. Eisikowitch (1968)
On the Pollination Ecology of Ficus sycomorus in East Africa

C. H. Dodson, R. L. Dressler, H. G. Hills, R. M. Adams, and N. H. Williams (1969)
Biologically Active Compounds in Orchid Fragrances

D. W. Snow (1971)
Evolutionary Aspects of Fruit-Eating by Birds

Part Six
Case Studies of Arthropod Diversity and Distribution
Scott E. Miller, Vojtech Novotny, and Yves Basset

E. O. Wilson (1958)
Patchy Distributions of Ant Species in New Guinea Rain Forests

A. J. Haddow, P. S. Corbet, and J. D. Gillett (1961)
Entomological Studies from a High Tower in Mpanga Forest, Uganda

T. L. Erwin (1982)
Tropical Forests: Their Richness in Coleoptera and Other Arthropod Species

Part Seven
Terrestrial Vertebrate Diversity
B. A. Loiselle, R. W. Sussman, and the Earl of Cranbrook

J. L. Harrison (1962)
Excerpts from The Distribution of Feeding Habits among Animals in a Tropical Rain Forest

J. H. Crook and J. S. Gartlan (1966)
Evolution of Primate Societies

M. P. L. Fogden (1972)
Excerpt from The Seasonality and Population Dynamics of Equatorial Forest Birds in Sarawak

M. L. Crump (1974)
Reproductive Strategies in a Tropical Anuran Community

J. Terborgh (1977)
Bird Species Diversity on an Andean Elevational Gradient

A. Gautier-Hion (1978)
Food Niches and Coexistence in Sympatric Primates in Gabon

Part Eight
Floristic Composition and Species Richness
Robin L. Chazdon and Julie S. Denslow

A. Aubréville (1938)
Regeneration Patterns in the Closed Forest of Ivory Coast

P. W. Richards (1952)
Composition of Primary Rain Forest (II)

J. M. Pires, T. Dobzhansky, and G. A. Black (1953)
An Estimate of the Number of Species of Trees in an Amazonian Forest Community

P. S. Ashton (1964)
Excerpts from Ecological Studies in the Mixed Dipterocarp Forests of Brunei State

Part Nine
Forest Dynamics and Regeneration
David F. R. P. Burslem and M. D. Swaine

W. J. Eggeling (1947)
Excerpt from Observations on the Ecology of the Budongo Rain Forest, Uganda

C. G. G. J. van Steenis (1958)
Rejuvenation as a Factor for Judging the Status of Vegetation Types: The Biological Nomad Theory

G. Budowski (1965)
Distribution of Tropical American Rain Forest Species in the Light of Successional Processes

L. J. Webb, J. G. Tracey, and W. T. Williams (1972)
Regeneration and Pattern in the Subtropical Rain Forest

T. C. Whitmore (1974)
Excerpts from Change with Time and the Role of Cyclones in Tropical Rain Forest on Kolombangara, Solomon Islands

Part Ten
Ecosystem Ecology in the Tropics
Julie S. Denslow and Robin L. Chazdon

P. H. Nye and D. J. Greenland (1960)
Excerpt from The Soil under Shifting Cultiva

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