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The Effects of Taxation on Capital Accumulation

Research on capital formation has long been a major focus of studies sponsored by the National Bureau of Economic Research because of the crucial role of capital accumulation in the process of economic growth. The papers in this volume examine the influence of taxes on capital formation, with specific focus on the determinants of saving and the process of investment in plant and equipment.

Table of Contents


Martin Feldstein

1. IRAs and Saving
Steven F. Venti and David A. Wise
Comment: Angus Deaton

2. Consumer Spending and the After-Tax Real Interest Rate
N. Gregory Mankiw
Comment: Laurence J. Kotlikoff

3. Capital Gains Rates, Realizations, and Revenues
Lawrence B. Lindsey
Comment: John H. Makin

4. The Effects of Tax Rules on Nonresidential Fixed Investment: Some Preliminary Evidence from the 1980s
Martin Feldstein and Joosung Jun
Comment: Roger H. Gordon

5. Anticipated Tax Changes and the Tuning of Investment
Alan J. Auerbach and James R. Hines, Jr.
Comment: Andrew B. Abel

6. New Results on the Effects of Tax Policy on the International Location of Investment
Michael J. Boskin and William G. Gale
Comment: David G. Hartman

7. Notes on the Tax Treatment of Structures
Roger H. Gordon, James R. Hines Jr., and Lawrence H. Summers
Comment: Emil M. Sunley

8. Tax Changes and Capital Allocation in the 1980s
Patric H. Hendershott
Comment: Harvey S. Rosen

9. Investment Incentives and the Discounting
of Depreciation Allowances
Lawrence H. Summers

10. Tax Loss Carryforwards and Corporate Tax Incentives
Alan J. Auerbach and James M. Poterba
Comment: David F. Bradford

11. Tax Asymmetries and Corporate Tax Reform
Saman Majd and Stewart C. Myers
Comment: Joseph E. Stiglitz

12. The Cash Flow Corporate Income Tax
Mervyn A. King
Comment: Daniel Feenberg

13. The Impact of Fundamental Tax Reform on the Allocation of Resources
Don Fullerton and Yolanda Kodrzycki Henderson
Comment: J. Gregory Ballentine

14. The Value-Added Tax: A General Equilibrium Look at Its Efficiency and Incidence
Charles L. Ballard, John Karl Scholz, and John B. Shoven
Comment: Harvey Galper

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