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The Economics of Aging

Edited by David A. Wise

The Economics of Aging

Edited by David A. Wise

426 pages | 52 figures, 146 tables | © 1988
E-book $10.00 to $73.00 About E-books ISBN: 9780226903224 Published May 2009

The Economics of Aging presents results from an ongoing National Bureau of Economic Research project. Contributors consider the housing mobility and living arrangements of the elderly, their labor force participation and retirement, the economics of their health care, and their financial status. The goal of the research is to further our understanding both of the factors that determine the well-being of the elderly and of the consequences that follow from an increasingly older population with longer individual life spans. Each paper is accompanied by critical commentary.


Overview (David A. Wise)

1. Aging, Moving, and Housing Wealth (Steven F. Venti)
Comment (James M. Poterba)

2. The Dynamics of Housing Demand by the Elderly: Wealth, Cash Flow, and Demographic Effects (Jonathan Feinstein)
Comment (Yannis M. Ioannides)

3. Housing Patterns and Mobility of the Aged: The United States and West Germany (Konrad Stahl)
Comment (Henry O. Pollakowski)

4. Household Dissolution and the Choice of Alternative Living Arrangements among Elderly Americans (Axel Börsch-Supan)
Comment (John M. Quigley)

5. How Much Care Do the Aged Receive from Their Children? A Bimodal Picture of Contact and Assistance (Laurence J. Kotlikoff)

6. The Wealth and Poverty of Widows: Assets Before and After the Husband’s Death (Michael D. Hurd)
Comment (John B. Shoven)

7. The Poverty of Widows: Future Prospects (Michael D. Hurd)
Comment (David E. Bloom)

8. The Social Security Cost of Smoking (John B. Shoven)
Comment (Paul Taubman)

9. Long-Term Care, Wealth, and Health of the Disabled Elderly Living in the Community (Alan M. Garber)

10. Employee Retirement and a Firm’s Pension Plan (Laurence J. Kotlikoff)
Comment (Ariel Pakes)

11. The Timing of Retirement: A Comparison of Expectations and Realizations (B. Douglas Bernheim)
Comment (Edward P. Lazear)

12. A Dynamic Programming Model of Retirement Behavior (John P. Rust)
Comment (Gary Burtless)


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