Paper $31.00 ISBN: 9780226075440 Published November 1997 Not for sale in the British Commonwealth except Canada

Edouard Manet

Rebel in a Frock Coat

Beth Archer Brombert

Edouard Manet

Beth Archer Brombert

528 pages | 70 halftones | 6-1/4 x 9-1/8 | © 1996
Paper $31.00 ISBN: 9780226075440 Published November 1997 Not for sale in the British Commonwealth except Canada
"Manet comes alive in [Brombert’s] pages. . . . At times her biography reads like a substantial and detailed 19th-century novel. . . . Brombert’s Edouard Manet gives us not only a portrait of a complex artist but, in its authority and its range, a portrait of an age as well."—James R. Mellow, New York Times Book Review

"One of the pleasures of reading her is to follow the way she weaves life, art and history into a smooth tapestry. The art emerges from the life, and in the broadest possible context: in terms of its creator’s life and concerns and in terns of its historical and cultural setting."—Eric Gibson, The Washington Times Books

"Richly detailed and informative . . . [this biography] exposes the character of an artist who maintained a sharply defined duality between his public and private personas."—Edward J. Sozanski, Philadelphia Inquirer

"Brombert’s reading of important canvasses . . . shine, as do her accounts of the changing social and political environment in which Manet worked. . . . Well researched, complexly conceived, and clearly written."—Kirkus Reviews

"Brilliant . . . [this book] grants us a far deeper understanding of why [Manet’s] paintings outraged so many of his peers, and why these same masterpieces resonate so richly in our psyches a century later."—Booklist, starred review
List of Illustrations
1. A Manet an Artist?
2. At Sea
3. The Doubling Begins
4. The Making of Paris
5. The Double-Edged Sword
6. A Turning Point
7. Venus Observed
8. "A Recidivist of the Monstrous and the Immoral"
9. An Old Passion, a New Friend, a Public Defender
10. "The Family, Beware of the Family!"
11. Friends and Models
12. The Lady and the Fan
13. A City Under Siege
14. "As Famous as Garibaldi"
15. Polichinelle
16. "Faire Vrai, Laisser Dire"
17. The Last Studio
18. Still Lifes
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