Edicts of Asoka

Edited by N. A. Nikam and Richard McKeon

Edicts of Asoka

Edited by N. A. Nikam and Richard McKeon

96 pages | 6.00 x 8.81 | © 1958
Paper $26.00 ISBN: 9780226586113 Published October 1978
"A literary translation which is also easy and pleasing to read."—Ludwik Sternbach, Journal of the American Oriental Society
I. The Edicts: Their Adaptation to Circumstances and Their Repetitions
Rock Edict XIV

II. The Occasion and Purpose of the Edicts: The Kalinga War, Asoka’s Change of Heart, and the Ideal of Conquest by Dharma
Rock Edict XIII

III. The Objectives of Inculcation of Dharma
Rock Edict IV

IV. Ways to Inculcate Dharma
1. Asoka’s Reflections on the Promulgation of Morality
Pillar Edict VII, Pillar Edict VI

2. Asoka’s Participation in the Program as Administrator and as Example
Rock Edict VIII, Rock Edict VI, Rock Edict V, Rock Edict X

V. The Nature of Dharma
1. As Meditation and Non-violence
Pillar Edict VII (continued from IV. 1)

2. As Insight, Virtue, and Service
Pillar Edict II, Pillar Edict I

3. As Respect and Truth
Brahmagiri Rock Edict II

4. As Charity and the Kinship of Mankind
Rock Edict XI

5. As Rite and Ceremonial
Rock Edict IX

VI. Applications of Dharma
A. Universal Manifestations
1. Against Sins and Passions in the Individual
Pillar Edict III, Rock Edict X (continued from IV. 2)

2. Against Irreligion in the Individual
Maski Rock Edict (continued from VI. B. 4)

3. Against Religious Intolerance and Discrimination within the Community
Rock Edict VII, Rock Edict XII

4. Against Aggression and Tension between States
Kalinga Edict II

B. Particular Applications
1. Restrictions on Feasts and on the Slaughtering of Animals; Pardoning of Prisoners
Rock Edict I, Pillar Edict V

2. Public Administration: The Promulgation of Morality and the Administration of Justice
Rock Edict III, Rock Edict V (continued from IV. 2), Pillar Edict IV, Kalinga Edict I

3. Medical Aid and Welfare
Rock Edict II, Pillar Edict VII (continued from V. 1)

4. Buddhism and the Ajivika Sect
Maski Rock Edict, Bhabra Rock Edict, Sanchi Pillar Edict, Sarnath Pillar Edict, Rummindei Pillar Edict, Karna Chaupar Cave Edict

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