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The Christian Tradition: A History of the Development of Doctrine, Volume 3

The Growth of Medieval Theology (600-1300)

"A magnificent history of doctrine."—New York Review of Books

"In this volume Jaroslav Pelikan continues the splendid work he has done thus far in his projected five-volume history of the development of Christian doctrine, defined as ’what the Church believes, teaches, and confesses on the basis of the word of God.’ The entire work will become an indispensable resource not only for the history of doctrine but also for its reformulation today. Copious documentation in the margins and careful indexing add to its immense usefulness."—E. Glenn Hinson, Christian Century

"This book is based on a most meticulous examination of medieval authorities and the growth of medieval theology is essentially told in their own words. What is more important, however, then the astounding number of primary sources the author has consulted or his sovereign familiarity with modern studies on his subject, is his ability to discern form and direction in the bewildering growth of medieval Christian doctrine, and, by thoughtful emphasis and selection, to show the pattern of that development in a lucid and persuasive narrative. No one interested in the history of Christianity or theology and no medievalist, whatever the field of specialization, will be able to ignore this magnificent synthesis."—Bernhard W. Scholz, History

"The series is obviously the indispensable text for graduate theological study in the development of doctrine, and an important reference for scholars of religious and intellectual history as well. . . . Professor Pelikan’s series marks a significant departure, and in him we have at last a master teacher."—Marjorie O’Rourke Boyle, Commonweal

Table of Contents

Primary Sources
The Middle Ages as "Age of Faith"
1. The Integrity of the Catholic Tradition
The Faith and the Creed
Faith, Hope, and Love
The Spirit and the Letter
The City of God
2. Beyond the Augustinian Synthesis
The Reconsideration of Dogma
The Rule of Prayer
The Sovereignty of Grace
The Claims of Reason
3. The Plan of Salvation
The Paradox of Justice and Mercy
The Discipline of Jesus
The Cross as the Redemption of Mankind
The Lord of History
4. The Communication of Grace
Mary as Mediatrix
The Communion of Saints
The Real Presence
The Grace of the Sacraments
5. The One True Faith
The Problem of Patristic Consensus
Schism, Sect, and Heresy
The Encounter with Other Faiths
Faith in Search of Understanding
6. Summa Theologica
The Reintegration of the Catholic Tradition
Natural Theology and the Scholastic Method
The Celestial and Ecclesiastical Hierarchies
The Vision of God
Selected Secondary Works
Index: Biblical
Index: General

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