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The Culture of Ancient Egypt

The story of Egypt is the story of history itself—the endless rise and fall, the life and death and life again of the eternal human effort to endure, enjoy, and understand the mystery of our universe. Emerging from the ancient mists of time, Egypt met the challenge of the mystery in a glorious evolution of religious, intellectual, and political institutions and for two millenniums flourished with all the vigor that the human heart can invest in a social and cultural order. Then Egypt began to crumble into the desert sands and the waters of the Nile, and her remarkable achievements in civilization became her lingering epitaph. John A. Wilson has written a rich and interpretive biography of one of the greatest cultural periods in human experience. He answers—as best the modern Egyptologist can—the questions inevitably asked concerning the dissolution of Egypt’s glory. Here is scholarship in its finest form, concerned with the humanity that has preceded us, and finding in man’s past grandeur and failure much meaning for men of today.

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Middle Eastern Studies

Table of Contents

I. The Black Land: Geographic Factors of Egypt
II. Out of the Mud: The Long Prehistoric Struggle
III. The Search for Security and Order: Dynasties 1-3 (about 3100-2700 B.C.)
IV. The King and God: Dynasties 4-6 (about 2700-2200 B.C.)
V. The First Illness: Dynasties 7-11 (about 2200-2050 B.C.)
VI. The King as the Good Shepherd: Dynasties 11-12 (about 2050-1800 B.C.)
VII. The Great Humiliation: Dynasties 13-17 (about 1800-1550 B.C.)
VIII. Far Frontiers: Earlier Dynasty 18 (about 1550-1375 B.C.)
IX. Irrepressible Conflict: Later Dynasty 18 (about 1375-1325 B.C.)
X. Where is the Glory? Dynasties 18-20 (about 1325-1100 B.C.)
XI. The Broken Reed: Late Empire and Post-Empire (1350 B.C. and After)
A Note on Translations
List of Illustrations

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