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Analyses in the Economics of Aging

Analyses in the Economics of Aging summarizes a massive amount of new research on several popular and less-examined topics pertaining to the relationship between economics and aging. Among the many themes explored in this volume, considerable attention is given to new research on retirement savings, the cost and efficiency of medical resources, and the predictors of health events.

The volume begins with a discussion of the risks and merits of 401(k) plans. Subsequent chapters present recent analysis of the growth of Medicare costs; the different aspects of disability; and the evolution of health, wealth, and living arrangements over the life course. Keeping with the global tradition of previous volumes, Analyses in the Economics of Aging also includes comparative studies on savings behavior in Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States; an examination of household savings among different age groups in Germany; and a chapter devoted to population aging and the plight of widows in India.

Carefully compiled and containing some of the most cutting-edge research and analysis available, this volume should be of interest to any specialist or policymaker concerned with ongoing changes in savings and retirement behaviors.

Table of Contents

David A. Wise

1. Utility Evaluation of Risk in Retirement Saving Accounts
James M. Poterba, Joshua Rauh, Steven F. Venti and David A. Wise
Comment: Robert J. Willis
2. Passive Decisions and Potent Defaults
James J. Choi, David Laibson, Brigitte C. Madrian and Andrew Metrick
Comment: Antonio Rangel
3. Characterizing the Experiences of High-Cost Users in Medicare
Thomas MaCurdy and Jeff Geppert
Comment: Jonathan Skinner
4. The Efficiency of Medicare
Jonathan Skinner, Elliott S. Fisher and John E. Wennberg
Comment: Alan M. Garber
5. Intensive Medical Technology and the Reduction in Disability
David M. Cutler
Comment: Alan M. Garber, p. 179-184
6. Broken Down by Work and Sex: How Our Health Declines
Anne Case and Angus Deaton
Comment: Daniel McFadden
7. Consequences and Predictors of New Health Events
James P. Smith
Comment: David M. Cutler
8. Healthy, Wealthy, and Knowing Where to Live: Trajectories of Health, Wealth, and Living Arrangements among the Oldest Old
Florian Heiss, Michael D. Hurd and Axel Börsch-Supan
Comment: Steven F. Venti
9. Institutions and Saving for Retirement: Comparing the United States, Italy, and the Netherlands
Arie Kapteyn and Constantijn Panis
Comment: Andrew A. Samwick
10. Household Saving in Germany: Results of the First SAVE Study
Axel Börsch-Supan and Lothar Essig
Comment: Andrew A. Samwick
11. Caste, Culture, and the Status and Well-Being of Widows in India
Robert Jensen
Comment: Esther Duflo
12. Individual Subjective Survival Curves
Li Gan, Michael D. Hurd and Daniel McFadden
Comment: Robert J. Willis

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