The American Economy in Transition

Edited by Martin Feldstein

The American Economy in Transition

Edited by Martin Feldstein

704 pages | © 1980
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This unusual volume marks the sixtieth anniversary of the National Bureau of Economic Research. In contrast to the technical and specialized character of most NBER studies, the current book is designed to provide the general reader with a broad and critical overview of the American economy. The result is a volume of essays that range from monetary policy to productivity development, from population change to international trade.



The American Economy in Transition:


Martin Feldstein

1. Postwar Changes in the American Financial


1. Benjamin M. Friedman

2. Milton Friedman

3. A. W. Clausen

2. Postwar Macroeconomics: The Evolution

of Events and Ideas

1. Robert J. Gordon

2. Arthur M. Okun

3. Herbert Stein

3. Trends in United States International Trade and

Investment since World War II

1. William H. Branson

2. Herbert Giersch

3. Peter G. Peterson

4. American Population since 1940

1. Richard A. Easterlin

2. Victor R. Fuchs

3. Simon Kuznets

5. The Evolution of the American Labor Market,


1. Richard B. Freeman

2. John T. Dunlop

3. R. F. Schubert

6. The Level and Distribution of Economic


1. Alan S. Blinder

2. Irving Kristol

3. Wilbur J. Cohen

7. The Structure of Industry

1. Richard E. Caves

2. Walter B. Wriston

3. James R. Schlesinger

8. Technology and Productivity in the United States

1. Edwin Mansfield

2. Ruben F. Mettler

3. David Packard

9. The Role of Government: Taxes, Transfers,

and Spending

1. George F. Break

2. George P. Shultz

3. Paul A. Samuelson

Concluding Comments

Arthur F. Burns


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