Jacques Derrida (1930–2004)

Jacques Derrida

“Death takes from us not only some particular life within the world, some moment that belongs to us, but, each time, without limit, someone through whom the world, and first of all our own world, will have opened up in a both finite and infinite—mortally infinite—way.”

—"The Taste of Tears"

The obituaries speak of his brilliance and originality. His charisma and complexity. Always his fame and influence. The ideas of Derrida have reshaped philosophy, literary theory, theology, the social sciences, and even architecture. His thoughts will long be with us.

Since 1978 the University of Chicago Press has been the primary publisher of Derrida's works in English. On these pages we gather a few of Derrida's writings, an appreciation of Derrida by Mark C. Taylor, and links to the books that we have been privileged to publish over twenty-five years.