Books by Jacques Derrida

published by the University of Chicago Press

The University of Chicago Press has been proud to publish the following books by Jacques Derrida in English translation, listed in order of original publication:
Writing and Difference (1978)
Spurs: Nietzsche's Styles/Eperons: Les Styles de Nietzsche (1979)
Dissemination (1981)
Positions (1981)
Margins of Philosophy (1982)
The Post Card: From Socrates to Freud and Beyond (1987)
The Truth in Painting (1987)
Of Spirit: Heidegger and the Question (1989)
Given Time: I. Counterfeit Money (1992)
(With Geoffrey Bennington) Jacques Derrida (1993)
Memoirs of the Blind: The Self-Portrait and Other Ruins (1993)
The Gift of Death (1995)
Archive Fever: A Freudian Impression (1996)
The Work of Mourning (2001)
(By Giovanna Borradori) Philosophy in a Time of Terror: Dialogues with Jürgen Habermas and Jacques Derrida (2002)
The Problem of Genesis in Husserl's Philosophy (2003)
The Gift of Death, Second Edition & Literature in Secret (2008)
The Beast and the Sovereign, Volume I (2009)
The Beast and the Sovereign, Volume II (2011)
Signature Derrida (2013)
The Death Penalty, Volume I (2013)
Heidegger: The Question of Being and History (2016)
The Death Penalty, Volume II (2017)
Theory and Practice (2019)
Geschlecht III: Sex, Race, Nation, Humanity (2020)
Life Death (2020)