Foundational Podcasts

These Podcasts of Slide Shows define and illustrate many concepts and terms used in later materials and identify common basic mistakes and recommended solutions that carry over to advanced topics and skills. It is best to view these materials before progressing to the more advanced ones.

Presenting numbers as evidence—expository writing PC1.1
Choosing tools to present numeric information—tables, charts and prose PC2.1
Reporting one number PC2.2
Comparing two numbers or a series of numbers PC2.3
Summarizing a pattern—the “generalization, example, exception” technique PC2.4
Differentiating between substantive importance and statistical significance PC3.1
Types of quantitative comparisons PC5.1
Creating effective tables and charts PC6_7.1 
Organizing data in tables and charts PC6_7.2 
Presenting an exhibit ‘live’—the “Vanna White” technique PC12.3

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