Study Guide

This Study Guide for The Chicago Guide to Writing about Multivariate Analysis, 2nd Edition, by Jane E. Miller provides problem sets, suggested course extensions, and solutions for each substantive chapter of the book, suitable for use in the college classroom. Individual parts of the guide may be downloaded below. Or the entirety of the 190-page guide is available in one PDF file.

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Seven Basic Principles
Chapter 3. Causality, Statistical Significance, and Substantive Significance
Chapter 4. Five More Technical Principles
Chapter 5. Creating Effective Tables
Chapter 6. Creating Effective Charts
Chapter 7. Choosing Effective Examples and Analogies
Chapter 8. Basic Types of Quantitative Comparisons
Chapter 9. Quantitative Comparisons for Multivariate Models
Chapter 10. The “Goldilocks Problem” in Multivariate Regression
Chapter 11. Choosing How to Present Statistical Test Results
Chapter 12. Writing Introductions, Conclusions, and Abstracts
Chapter 13. Writing about Data and Methods
Chapter 14. Writing about Distributions and Associations
Chapter 15. Writing about Multivariate Models
Chapter 16. Writing about Interactions
Chapter 17. Writing about Event History Analysis
Chapter 18. Writing about Hierarchical Linear Models
Chapter 19. Speaking about Multivariate Analyses
Chapter 20. Writing for Applied Audiences

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