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Announcing the most significant
publishing event in the history of Chicago

Publication date: October 6, 2004
UK publication date: November 9, 2004

More than a decade in the making, The Encyclopedia of Chicago is the long-awaited reference on metropolitan Chicago. Developed by the Newberry Library with the cooperation of the Chicago Historical Society, The Encyclopedia of Chicago brings together hundreds of historians, journalists, and experts to explore all aspects of the rich world of Chicagoland, from its geological prehistory to the present.

Featuring more than 1,400 entries in its A–Z section, hundreds of thematic maps and illustrations, a dictionary of Chicago businesses, a biographical dictionary, a timeline, and color photo essays, the Encyclopedia is a major intellectual, cultural, and civic monument to Chicago and its environs. With the widest geographical reach of any city encyclopedia of its kind—encompassing eight of the region’s counties, including suburbs—the Encyclopedia covers the full range of Chicago’s neighborhoods, delving into everything from ethnic groups to cultural institutions to transportation to sports.

The Enyclopedia of Chicago is one of the most significant historical projects undertaken in the last twenty years, and it has everything in it to engage the most curious historian as well as settle the most boisterous barroom dispute. If you have always wondered how the Chicago Fire spread, if you have ever marveled at the Sears Tower or the reversal of the Chicago River, if you have affection, admiration, and appreciation for this City of the Big Shoulders, this Wild Onion, this Urbs in Horto, then The Encyclopedia of Chicago is for you.

$65.00 • £45.50 ISBN: 0-226-31015-9

The editors are available for interviews.

For more information, contact Erin Hogan at eh@press.uchicago.edu or (773) 702-3714.