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Model Workshop
Building as a Common Process

Edited by Carmen Rist‑Stadelmann and Urs Meister

This volume describes the Institute of Architecture and Planning at the University of Liechtenstein in Vaduz’s program. The highly innovative approach to architectural education sets students to work with trades firms as part of their training.

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Crafting Wood
Structure and Expression

Edited by Carmen Rist‑Stadelmann, Machiel Spaan, and Urs Meister

This book—lavishly illustrated with plans, sketches, and photographs—emerged from an international educational program which looked at a vast range of timber joints from different theoretical and practical perspectives.

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Architects on Dwelling

Edited by Christopher Platt

An inspirational reader that highlights how profoundly the place we live in matters to our well‑being and what social responsibility architects have in creating the built environment.

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Thinking Design
Blueprint for an Architecture of Typology

Andreas Lechner

This is an architectural atlas based on 144 major designs from ancient times to the twenty‑first century that showcases the cultural dimension of building.

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Duplex Architects

Edited by Ludovic Balland and Nele Dechmann

This volume offers a close look at Duplex Architects’ approach to housing design. The five projects studied exemplify the firm’s position on urban planning, typology research, and materiality and demonstrate their utterly independent way of working.

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Sigurd Lewerentz
Architect of Death and Life

Edited by Kieran Long and Johan Örn
With Contributions by Mikael Andersson, Kieran Long, and Johan Örn

"This authoritative new monograph on Sigurd Lewerentz is based on extensive research undertaken at ArkDes. It features a wealth of drawings and sketches, designs for furniture and interiors, model photographs, and more from his estate, most of which are published here for the first time."—A Daily Dose of Architecture Books

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Sigurd Lewerentz—Pure Aesthetics
St Mark’s Church, 1956–1963

Edited by Karin Björkquist and Sébastien Corbari

Sigurd Lewerentz’s St Mark’s Church in Stockholm is an atmospheric masterpiece of modern religious architecture. This volume includes some two hundred new color photographs and explanatory plans, alongside essays by distinguished authorities on Lewerentz’s architecture.

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Bernina Transversal. Guido Baselgia—Bearth & Deplazes
Architecture and Photography—Intervention and Reaction

Edited by Bernina Glaciers
With Contributions by Reto Hänny, and Philip Ursprung
Photography by Guido Baselgia

A visual epic on the spectacular Alpine landscape of the Bernina Pass and infrastructure buildings, which is marked by the flows of tourism, energy production, and transit.

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Distributed by the University of Chicago Press