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Red Creative
Culture and Modernity in China

Justin O’Connor and Xin Gu

 “Red Creative is a stunning piece of synthetic scholarship. It’s an essential overview of the limitations of major bodies of western thought in understanding Chinese history, culture, and society, especially the ways concepts of culture and creativity have been mobilized in China over the last twenty years.”—David Hesmondhalgh, University of Leeds  

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American Presidents and Oliver Stone
Kennedy, Nixon, and Bush between History and Cinema
Carl Freedman

“A powerful critical reflection on Stone’s achievements as a filmmaker, and a deeply insightful reflection on American politics of the past sixty years.… Careful attention to detail, combined with its broad vision and explanatory scope, make it an impressive and indeed essential book.”—Steven Shaviro, Wayne State University

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A Cultural History of the Disneyland Theme Parks
Middle Class Kingdoms
Sabrina Mittermeier

Mittermeier presents an interdisciplinary examination of the parks, situating them in their proper historical context and exploring the distinct cultural, social, and economic landscapes that defined each one at the time of its construction. She then spotlights the central role of class in the subsequent success or failure of each venture.

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Taste and the TV Chef
How Storytelling Can Save The Planet
Gilly Smith

A groundbreaking contribution to food and media studies, Taste and the TV Chef investigates how food and lifestyle TV changed the way an entire country ate, and then fed it to the rest of the world.

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How Belfast Got the Blues
A Cultural History of Popular Music in the 1960s
Noel McLaughlin and Joanna Braniff

“This is a brilliantly innovative book that pushes back the boundaries of existing knowledge quite substantially. It will remain for many years the definitive study of the subject and a point of reference for further research and controversy.”—Martin McLoone, coauthor of Rock and Popular Music in Ireland

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