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Sherabad Oasis
Tracing Historical Landscape in Southern Uzbekistan

Edited by Ladislav Stanco and Petra Tušlová

Sherabad Oasis is the second volume of the series examining the Czech‑Uzbek archaeological expedition in southern Uzbekistan. This volume analyzes the development of the settlement throughout this oasis based on important new data gained in the recent expedition. The methodology used includes extensive and intensive archaeological surveys, revisions of previously published archaeological data, historical maps, and innovative satellite images.

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Health and Disease in the Neolithic Lengyel Culture
Edited by Václav Smrcka and Olivér Gábor
Edited by Peter Moss, Ann-Zofie Duvander, and Alison Koslowski

Lasting from around 4800 to 4000 BCE, the Lengyel culture helped usher in the Copper Age in Central Europe with the rise of mining, craft production, and the trading of copper and obsidian, in addition to larger‑scale farming. In this book, the authors investigate the migration of the Lengyel people as they moved west from their place of origin in modern‑day Hungary to areas in what is now the Czech Republic and Poland.

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