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If We Dream Too Long
Poh Seng Goh
With an Introduction by Tai Ann Koh

If We Dream Too Long explores the challenges faced by its hero, Kwang Meng, as he navigates the difficult transitional period between youthful aspirations and the external demands of society and family. The book also provides a fascinating portrait of 1960s Singapore.  

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Home Is Where We Are

Wang Gungwu and Margaret Wang

Wang Gungwu’s account of his university education in Singapore and the UK and the early years of his career as an academic in Malaysia captures the excitement, the ambition, and the choices of a generation that saw it their responsibility to build the new nations of Southeast Asia. Wise and moving, this is a fascinating reflection on identity and belonging.

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Thomas Stamford Raffles
Schemer or Reformer?

Syed Hussein Alatas
With an Introduction by Syed Farid Alatas

First published in 1970, Thomas Stamford Raffles: Schemer or Reformer? feels wholly fresh and relevant. This edition features a new introduction by Syed Farid Alatas assessing contemporary Singapore’s take on Raffles, and how far we have, or have not, come in thinking through Singapore’s colonial legacy.

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Christian Circulations
Global Christianity and the Local Church in Penang and Singapore, 1819–2000
Jean DeBernardi

This study is a transregional history of the Christian Brethren movement in Singapore and Malaysia. It is also a history of discontinuous continuities that have shaped the modern field of religious practice in China and Southeast Asia.

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Returning Southeast Asia's Past
Objects, Museums, and Restitution
Edited by Louise Tythacott and Panggah Ardiyansyah

This book offers a timely consideration of object restitution and related issues across Southeast Asia, bringing together a range of viewpoints. The contributors address legal, cultural, political, and diplomatic issues involved in the restitution process, and they also look at the ways object restitution is integral to evolving narratives of national identity.

Art and Archaeology of Southeast Asia: Hindu‑Buddhist Traditions
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Reflections on the Making of the Modern Law of the Sea
Satya N. Nandan and Kristine E. Dalaker

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea is one of the most successful agreements ever created to govern the global commons. Satya Nandan is one of the key personalities behind both the agreement and its subsequent development. This book tells the story of how Nandan used his creativity, pragmatism, and ability with language to reach compromise and build consensus during that process.

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Life Under the Palms
The Sublime World of the Anti‑colonialist Jacob Haafner

Paul van der Velde

“A vibrant and deliberately concise biography … van der Velde paints a unique image of the late eighteenth‑century colonial world, through the medium of Haafner’s stories.”—De Leeswolf, praise for the Dutch edition 

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the lives & times of hrh

Herman Hochstadt

Full of warmth and humor, the lives and times of hrh traces a life dedicated to public service in Singapore, from its time as a crown colony through its evolution to the Republic of Singapore.

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