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TXL. Berlin Tegel Airport

Edited by Jürgen Tietz

Berlin Tegel TXL is an icon of modern architecture. With the striking hexagonal shape of the main terminal building, Tegel has made air travel history. Berliners are passionately nostalgic about Tegel, since it served as the window to the wider world for the once‑isolated West Berlin. This book celebrates TXL’s whole story and glory. 

248 p., 113 color plates, 119 halftones
Cloth $45.00

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OMA—Toulouse Exhibition and Convention Center
Edited by Dominique Boudet
Photographs by Marco Cappelletti

The new MEETT Exhibition and Convention Center in the French city of Toulouse once again demonstrates how a seemingly dull task results in striking architecture if mastermind Rem Koolhaas designs it. This book offers impressions of MEETT’s enormous dimensions and the vast spaces. The volume is rounded out with selected plans and concise texts on the particulars of the project.

108 p., 61 color plates, 28 line drawings
Cloth $50.00

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The New Normal
Edited by Benjamin H. Bratton, Nicolay Boyadjiev, and Nick Axel

The New Normal (2017—2019) was a post‑graduate program and Speculative Urbanism think‑tank within Moscow’s renowned Strelka Institute of Media, Architecture, and Design. There scholars and practitioners conducted collaborative research to investigate the impact of planetary‑scale computation on the future of cities. This highly topical volume, produced from the program’s work, will appeal to all readers interested in the future of cities and urban design.

548 p., 470 color plates, 146 halftones
Paper $65.00

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Europan 15 Austria—Productive Cities 2
Resources, Mobility, Equity
Edited by Europan Austria

EUROPAN, founded in 1989, runs a competition every two years and invites young architects to submit experimental models in urban development. This book features the twelve winning submissions to the 2019 edition for the Austrian cities Graz, Innsbruck, Villach, Weiz, and Vienna. They offer innovative concepts for the use of public space, models for cross‑functional use of space, and holistic solutions for sustainable construction.

120 p., 111 color plates, 53 halftones
Paper $30.00


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Faces and Spaces
40 Years Aedes Architecture Forum
Edited by Kristin Feireiss and Hans‑Jürgen Commerell

Berlin’s Aedes Architecture Forum is one of the most eminent spaces for architecture and architectural culture in the world. Founded in 1980, Aedes has since put on five hundred important exhibitions on current themes, featuring many of the world’s most eminent architects. Faces and Spaces looks back at four decades of the gallery’s lively and multifaceted history.

480 p., 283 color plates, 137 halftones
Paper $35.00

Distributed by the University of Chicago Press