Supplemental Materials by Chapter

Slide Shows are PowerPoint files with predesigned slides and speaker’s notes about key concepts in the book; Podcasts of those same Slide Shows are MP4 video files with accompanying narration by the author. Appendix files provide supplemental textual material in PDF format.

Topic Podcast Slide
Chapter 1      
Presenting numbers as evidence—expository writing PC1.1 SS1.1  
Chapter 2      
Choosing tools for presenting numbers—tables, charts, and prose PC2.1 SS2.1  
Reporting one number PC2.2 SS2.2  
Comparing two numbers or series of numbers PC2.3 SS2.3  
Summarizing a pattern—the “generalization, example, exception” technique PC2.4 SS2.4  
Chapter 3      
Differentiating between substantive importance and statistical significance PC3.1 SS3.1  
Chapter 4      
Getting to know your variables PC4_10.1 SS4_10.1 APP4_10.1
Chapter 5      
Types of quantitative comparisons PC5.1 SS5.1  
Choosing a comparison group PC5.2 SS5.2  
Writing about ratios PC5.3 SS5.3  
Chapters 6 and 7      
Creating effective tables and charts PC6_7.1 SS6_7.1  
Organizing data in tables and charts PC6_7.2 SS6_7.2  
Chapter 10     
Getting to know your variables PC4_10.1 SS4_10.1 APP4_10.1
Planning how to create the variables you need from the variables you have PC10.2 SS10.2 APP10.2
Chapter 12      
Planning a speech and creating effective slides PC12.1 SS12.1  
Speaker’s notes and delivering a speech PC12.2 SS12.2  
Presenting an exhibit “live”—the Vanna White technique PC12.3 SS12.3  
Chapter 13      
Presenting statistical results to non-statistical audiences PC13.1 SS13.1  
Preparing and presenting research posters PC13.2 SS13.2  
Comparison of a paper, speech, and poster on the same project PC13.3 SS13.3  
Appendix A      
Implementing a GEE (App A) PCA.1 SSA.1  
Appendix B      
Comparison of paper, speech, and poster PC13.3 SS13.3  

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