Summits: Environmental Science, Law, and Policy

Marc Miller, Jonathan Overpeck, and Saleem Ali, Series Editors
Christopher Chung, Acquiring Editor
As our environmental problems become ever more numerous and complex, the need to understand them grows in tandem with the need for wise legislative action. Sitting at the intersection of environmental science, law, and policy, the Summits series presents an integrated, scientifically-accurate and policy-relevant picture of such dilemmas as climate change, water conservation, air pollution, and ecosystem restoration, all of which span multiple scientific realms as well as political, social, and economic boundaries. Summits titles are therefore written by a wide range of scientists, on-the-ground conservationists, scholars, and policy experts. Editors work intensively with Summits authors to produce concise books that are accessible to multiple audiences, that highlight the role science can play in developing effective environmental policy, and that ultimately recommend policy. Collectively, Summits editors and authors seek to engage leaders in dialogue and encourage efforts aimed at resolving the foremost environmental issues of our times.

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