The University of Chicago Press Privacy Policy Statement

This is the web site of The University of Chicago Press.


Our postal address is:


The University of Chicago Press
Attn: IS Department
1427 East 60th Street
Chicago, IL 60637


We can be reached via email at


For each visitor to our web page, our web server automatically recognizes only the visitor's domain name, but not his or her email address. We collect this information in our server logs and analyze the logs periodically for internal review only. We make no attempt to track domain names back to individuals and store no information in our server logs that would allow us to identify visitors to our site.


If you use our secure online server to order a book from us, we require a minimal amount of information needed to process the order: your name, mailing address, telephone number, credit card number, and email address. This information is never stored in clear text on our server, but is encrypted and forwarded immediately to the University of Chicago Press.


Unless you instruct us otherwise when you submit an order to us using our secure online server, we will add your name, mailing address, and email address (but not your telephone number) to our mailing lists. From time to time, you may receive print catalogs from us that describe books in areas related to books you have purchased from us. From time to time, you may be mailed promotional materials from other publishers or reputable businesses to whom we have sold our print mailing lists. If you do not want to receive mailings from us or from other publishers who use our print mailing lists, please let us know by writing to the email address or the postal address above.


If you have purchased a book from us we may occasionally send you email announcing book sales and special offers. Such email promotions are infrequent. We will not share your email address with any other publisher or business. All of our promotional emails will include easy instructions for opting out of future emails.


If you submit your email address or telephone number to us in the course of ordering a book through our secure online server, we may use the email address or telephone number to contact you about a problem with your order.


If in the past you have elected to receive notifications of new publications from us through email but do not now want to receive email from us, please follow the instructions to unsubscribe from future emails.


A note about cookies: if you use our online shopping basket to submit an order for a book, we will set a cookie in your web browser that stores the contents of your shopping basket. After the order is submitted, we delete the cookie. If you do not submit the order, the cookie will be deleted when you close your browser. We do not use cookies to track the pages you view or the number of times you visit our site or in any other way except to store temporarily the contents of your shopping basket.



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